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How To Reduce Image File Size In Photoshop?

Every single pixel in your image is not needed before you can get a version acceptable and useful for whatever you want to use it for.

You can reduce the file size of your image to cut your image storage and allow a faster download and upload of your full-resolution image.

Reduction in the size of your image file will also improve user experience and SEO on your website.

In Ecommerce Image Editing, you might have to reduce product photo size to meet the technical image requirements. 

There are other options developed to reduce image file size without compromising the quality of the picture.

Reduce Image File Size Without Losing Quality

You can get the smallest possible size of your image without a compromise on its quality or a change in the flow of your work. Uploading of your photos will be faster and you can save a bulk of the space on your hard drive and reduce your image storage.

Reducing the size of your image also make your web speed faster, improve your SEO appearance and improve the viewing experience of your customers.

With the use of the latest technologies in the optimization of images, the size of your image can be significantly reduced and get their qualities and resolution preserves and untouched.

Reduce Image File Size Online

Reduce image file size online is a tool provided online that allows the application of compression and reduction of the size of your image files online and save you’re resulting compressed and reduced images in any format such as JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

You can also give your specific image compression rate and specify your dimensions to give the exact reduced file size you want.

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How to Reduce Image Size in Photoshop

The first thing to do is to determine the aspect ratio of your perfect image so as to decide if you will need to crop your image or not. The cropping of your image will be determined by where you want to use the photo and the type of photo it is.

A photo used on a homepage banner of a website will be cropped differently from one used as a product thumbnail or as the main product image.

For instance, in cropping a thumbnail photo, navigate your cursor to the top left corner of your computer and click on the crop tool.

How To Reduce Image File Size In Photoshop

Then select the 1:1 aspect ratio.

Square Ration

You can now proceed to reducing the size and compression quality of your image using the save for web tool on Photoshop. Click on file, then save for web tool.

File> Save for Web tool or keyboard command (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S)

There are a number of functions to give your attention to in the save for web tool. These are;

2-UP And 4-UP

This function compares your original image with the compressed one by placing them beside each other. The 4-UP has the function of generating options with lower compression for an addition of comparison.

2-UP and 4-UP

Compression Quality

Varieties of options are available to choose from. These are the preset low, medium, high, very high and maximum. The option to choose will depend on the size of the file you need and how much you want to compress.

Compression Quality

File Format

For your compressed images, a .jpeg format is going to be allowed for the highest compression.

File Format

Image Size

The image size option allows you to enter the particular dimension of the image you need. You can also use the percentage scalar if you will like to reduce the size of your image by a particular percentage

You should ensure you select the lock icon/ toggle to make sure you do not distort the size of your image when it is being reduced.

Image Size

Progressive Vs Optimized

The best choice of selection is “Progressive”, but it has been found to be incompatible with most browsers. The “Progressive” option allows the multiple passing loading of your image, increasing its resolution and image quality.

The “Optimized” option gives room for additional compression. Note that you can only select one out of the two option.

Progressive Vs Optimized

Quality Slider

This option increases the scale quality but preserves the quality of the image.

Quality Slider

Resampling Selection

Photoshop helps in rebuilding part of the altered image data during compression using this function. Enlarging or reducing the size of your image has an effect on the original proportion of the image with respect to the pixel per inch and the dimensions.

The options available are the Bicubic which creates a smother Gradient but does not give room for the most compression. The Bicubic smoother is designed for upsampling but the Bilinear is better for upsampling.

Bicubic sharper is better for down sampling and preservation of details while the Nearest Neighbor is the most basic and it is not good for preservation of details.

Resampling Selection

Image File Size and Download Rate

This icon displays the size, file format and the download rate of your current image file based on different internet speeds.

Note that in reducing the size of an image in Photoshop, there is no option to use one image as a template to fit all, you will have to work on each image to find the best quality for your image and also the best compression

Reduce Image File Size for Web

  • Pixlr
  • Canva
  • RIOT

WordPress Plugin To Compress Website Image

  • EWWW image optimizer
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer
  • WP Smush

Bulk Web Resizer

Allows a bulk upload of your images and does the resizing according to the dimensions specified by you. The quality of your image can also be reduced or increased on the website, or preserve the original quality of your image.


ImageOptim offers a paid image reducing service, it rid your files of metadata to reduce the size. Data such as the serial number of the camera or GPS position are removed from your images to reduce the size.

You can also decide to keep your metadata if you like due to the fact that it is important to optimize your product images for SEO.

This website also has an option for lossy minification which gives you the smallest possible file size. ImageOptim website offers optimization of images for 1000 photos for $9 per month.


This website only gives options for reducing the size of your images, they do not give room for editing them. TinyJPG/TinyPNG target compression of files to reduce the file size, they remove unnecessary data from your image and preserve the quality of your picture. The service of TinyJPG/TinyPNG is offered free.

Outsource Your Image Compression Need

If you need a resize or compression for a large number of images and you do not have enough time to get it all done by yourself, you might be considering an option of outsourcing it to a trusted hand. Our image editing service will suite your image resizing and compressing taste.

We also provide web image optimization, image cutout service and clipping path service to satisfy your various need.

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When it comes to your images, the best solution you should provide to reducing their size should be dependent on what it is being used for and the quantity needed to be worked on.

Whether for your website or any other need, you should be able to handle one or two images using the free web tools and apps, but for a bulk upload of images on your website, it is best to contact an organization skillful in these services especially if the specific need of the images is much more than compressing and resizing.

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