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Professional photo Editing and the best retouching service provider company in Asia.
We can assure you that this is the best Photoshop image clipping path service provider outsourcing company. We provide 100% handmade Photoshop clipping path service, image retouching, image masking, ghost mannequin service, vector conversion service and ecommerce image editing service with suitable price.


We understand how important a cheap and easily accessible contract & outsourcing services can be to you as an individual or your firm. Other options are time-consuming and have huge costs associated with employment of a full time graphics designer or the training of one.

That is why we’ve assembled a team of the best professional graphic designers to do image editing and retouching, background removal, hair and fur masking, color correction, high end touch up, neck joint, image shadow creation, vector conversion service or any other creative image editing services with perfection, treating each with the special care they deserve in order to fulfill our client’s requirements.

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Clipping Way is the top clipping path service provider outsourcing company & professional photo background removal service provider; one of the best site in Asia that makes your images look professional. We edit images as per client requirements then deliver them on time, saving your time and energy that is better spent elsewhere. Do what you do best and leave the images to us!

We provide 100% handmade Photoshop image clipping path, image masking, product/jewelry retouching, shadow creation, ghost mannequin removal, neck joint, eCommerce image editing and also all kinds of professional image editing services. Our moto is fast delivery at low cost. Our production team works 24/7, 365 days a year.


Clipping Way is the fastest growing company for photo editing & clipping path service with a commitment to quality and displays the results on time. 100% satisfaction quality guarantee at competitive price assurance.

clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

There are a lot of image clipping path techniques but the most well-known and used technique is called clipping path & we offer clipping path service or image background removal service as the best clipping path service provider company in Asia. Clipping way provide 100% high quality and our Professional graphic design experts are using the Photoshop Pen Tool to take any object from a photo and make it a standalone object by dragging the pen tool around the edges of the desired object. We offer all kind of clipping path service at best price whether looking for product background remove or multi clipping path.

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background removal service

Image Background Remove

Background Removal is a technique by which a subject in an image is separated from the background. To provide the best image background removal service, clipping way experts always use Photoshop and illustrator Pen Tool for editing image. Photoshop professionals use a number of techniques to remove the background from an image. If you need photo cut out service from the background or retouching your photo, you will simply benefit from our photo background removal service. We ensure photo quality and perfect match background first as a best clipping path service provider company.

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photo retouching service

Photo Retouching Service

Object or image retouching service is the major task for any photo editing. It’s also called photo touch up service. Image retouching is referred as the improvement and correction of an image through a digital image processing. It is the treatment of a photograph to remove unwanted elements of the image. Clipping way as image retouching service Provider Company in Bangladesh offers masterpiece image without destroying raw image. Our service includes portrait retouching, glamour retouching, product photo retouching, human body shrink or liquefies even high-end jewelry retouching & all kind of jewelry retouching.

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image masking service

Image Masking Service

There are some complicated areas like hair masking and when image clipping path is not sufficient, photo masking service is the ideal technique. Clipping Way ensure and offer 100% high-quality alpha layer masking, channel masking, clipping mask with your blurry image or fuzzy-edged. Adobe Photoshop is by far the most used image editing application in the world, mainly because it offers extremely powerful editing tools at a minimum price. One of those very powerful editing tools is Image Masking: a process that involves the removal of the background for a particular image. So check our Free Trial.

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shadow creation service

Shadow Creation Service

Shadow and reflection is an effect that makes an image looks natural when applied. Now a day’s drop shadow service is mostly used for the images of e-commerce sites. Clipping Way the best shadow creation service provider company offers a different kind of drop/reflection service like shadow masking, reflection masking, mirror image masking, and natural shadow with 100% accuracy.  The effect can also make a dull and tedious text look attractive and promising. Taking an image or text to the next level is quite easy. Photoshop tools help to give an image a 3D display. If the images are not real, we will make it perfect image as you desire. Take our Free Trial first.

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ghost mannequin service

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin is specifically done for clothing related product and it’s very important part who lead garment industry, magazine business or professional photographers and e-commerce business as a biggest growing industry. This service is also known as ghost mannequin removal service. There is much online fashion based company, and this online fashion business is growing every day and every website owner needs eye-catching website design to attract buying in the market. So a website with pictures of good quality products helps to increase business. So if you need any kind of services like neck joint service, ghost mannequin effect or invisible mannequin effect. Try our Free Trial option.

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vector conversion service

Raster to Vector Service

This actually gives new look to your old photo or convert logo or designs into completely adaptable vector graphics for use in different applications or advertising tools. Raster to vector conversion service process is known as vectorization. Raster to vector refers to the technology used in the conversion process. There are many raster to vector conversion software available in the market that will help to ease the conversion process. Vector logo design can be enjoyable and believable. Clipping Way offer and ensure 100% high-quality vector conversion service which metamorphoses client photo to give a classy look, as best clipping path service provider company in Asia. Test our image editing service Free.

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Web Image Optimization

Web Image Optimization

Clipping Way the best clipping path service company provides a complete solution for high volume Ecommerce image editing service. As you know that today e-commerce is leading the whole online business industry and the image play a big role in the e-commerce business. The owner of the e-commerce site or any kind of big site needs to present your product or image with high quality in their website for catch extra attention of their customer. Also give product image details when customer clicks in buy button. So to improve your ecommerce experience with photo editing service or Image enhancement which also known as web image optimization. Test our image editing service Free.

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We listen to our client’s requirement carefully and find a creative and a technical way to make the project successful in a cost effective way. We are highly experienced on this track and assure the best quality for our valuable clients.


Clipping Way is one of the best clipping path service provider outsourcing company who are working outside of Asian economic territory with cheap price. We are providing dedicated customer support in USA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALND.
We  promise to  give you high & standard quality services like Clipping Path, image masking, image retouching, background removal, hair and fur masking, color correction, high end touch up, neck joint service, image shadow creation, vector conversion service or any other creative image editing service and lot more.
Our only moto to meet the appointed requirements of our valuable client with our expert professional designing talent and comprehensive collection of software provided by adobe creative suite. We have 6+ years’ experience in this field, so you can select Clipping Way without any hesitation.


Best Quality with Commitment

Clipping Way always tries to provide best what client expects. We ensure as a best clipping path service provider company, you will always collect your image with high and standard quality without destroying your raw image quality.

Best Price

We always offer our client the best price depend on image complexity. Clipping Way also provide heavy discount on the bulk order. So just get our Free Trail to assess our skill and give us chance to satisfy you.

Express Service

We are very committed to deliver your images on perfect time and our professional graphic designer always works to deliver the end result as fast as possible.

Upload Platform

Clipping Way offers the easiest upload platform, Like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google drive for that you can easily upload your photos. We also provide dedicated server facility for our regular client to complete this process quickly.

24x7 Live Support

You are always connected with our 24×7 support center. We are ready to assist you instantly if you have any query or know about our working process.

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Clipping Way already satisfied many well-known brands with its prompt services. We are working in various segments like E-commerce Website, Professional Photographer, Online Retailer, Photo Studio, Automotive, Graphic Design and Web Design agency and so on. Some of them are


Keenan McCullough

Web Director, New York

Clipping Way’s experts helped me much to overcome a climacteric condition of my apparel business. Really their ghost mannequin service is great.

Charli Thornton

Co-owner, Australia

Clipping Way’s Ecommerce Image Editing Service takes products image to life. Great designers of Clipping Way knows how to implement the best skill.

Thorsten Beike

Studio Manager, British Columbia

Great! Clipping Way’s is only the green apple among red apples. Remarkable image background remove service i have received ever.


Clipping way already satisfied many well-known brands with its prompt services. We are working in various segments like E-commerce Website, Professional Photographer, Online Retailer, Photo Studio, Automotive, Graphic Design and Web Design agency and so on. Some of them are:


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