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We understand how important cheap and easily accessible contract & outsourcing services can be to you as an individual or your firm. Other options are time-consuming and have huge costs associated with employment of a full time graphics designer or the training of one.

That is why we’ve assembled a team of the best professional graphic designers to edit thousands of images to perfection daily, treating each with the special care they deserve in order to fulfill our client’s requirements.


NO MATTER HOW COMPLEX, WE HAVE THE EXPERTISE TO DO IT is a world-class offshore outsourcing company that makes your images look professional. We edit images as per client requirements then deliver them back to you, saving you time and energy that is better spent elsewhere. Do what you do best and leave the images to us!

We provide fast delivery at low cost. Our production team works 24/7, 365 days a year.

Services We Offer

Clipping Way is the fastest growing company for photo editing with a commitment to quality and displays the results on time.

Clipping Path cycle

Clipping Path

There are a lot of image background remove techniques but the most well-known and used technique is called clipping path: using the Photoshop Pen Tool, expert users can take any object from a photo and make it a standalone object. Dragging the pen tool around the edges of the desired object.Read More »
Color Change

Color Change

Photoshop editing software is the most popular and widely used. For the majority of professional photographers, this is the most reliable tool to enhance the simple and complicated images. When changing color of an image in Photoshop, your photo will be more presentable and appealing.Read More »
Photoshop Masking

Photoshop Masking

Adobe’s Photoshop is by far the most used image editing application in the world, mainly because it offers extremely powerful editing tools at a minimum price. One of those very powerful editing tools is Image masking: a process that involves the removal of the background for a particular image.Read More »
Color Correction

Color Correction

Color correction is a way of retrieve the color of an image. It may be a stark change (unexpected blue to actual blue) or subtle change (color balance). You can change the color of an image and balance the overall exposure of the images at a variety of ways. Photoshop allows you to correct the color of your photos.Read More »
Object Retouching

Object Retouching

Object or image retouching is the major task for any photo editing graphic designer. Image retouching is referred to as the improvement and correction of an image through a digital image processing. It is the treatment of a photograph to remove unwanted elements of the image. The Clone Stamp toolRead More »
Reflection & Shadows

Reflection & Shadows

Shadow and reflection is an effect that makes an image looks natural when applied. The effect can also make a dull and tedious text look attractive and promising. Taking an image or text to the next level is quite easy. Photoshop tools help to give an image a 3D display. If the images are not real.Read More »
Neck Joint or Manniquin

Neck Joint/ Mannequin

Neck Joint is specifically done for clothing related product. There is much online fashion base company, and this online fashion business is growing every day and every web eye-catching website design to attract buying in the market. So a website with pictures of good quality products helps to increase.Read More »
R2V new

Raster to Vector

Raster to vector conversion process is known as vectorization. Raster to vector refers to the technology used in the conversion process. There are many rasters to vector conversion software available in the market that will help to ease the conversion process. Vector logo design can be enjoyable and believable.Read More »


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  • Clipping Path with Drop Shadow
  • Clipping Path with Masking


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