Refund Policy

If You're Not Happy, You Get A Full Refund
Don't worry; for all Clipping Way's customers, we have a refund policy for their satisfaction. We will give 100% moneyback without a single word.

All refunds for our credit bundles purchased online are credited back to the original credit card on which the credit bundle was purchased, or if payment was made via PayPal, we then create a refund in the same manner.

If we fail to deliver your images at the time you requested, we will do the job at a discount price and reduce the quoted price as per our policy. Even if we failed to deliver the images that need an urgent delivery, we would charge free of cost for the late delay. Furthermore, if you think the photos are not up to the mark, then please send this back to us, and we will edit it again without any extra charge. This time we will set up a followup meeting with you to discuss in-depth about the quality increase.

If you still believe the images fail to satiate your requirements, then we keep another scope to revise all the things.

This time we will set up another meeting with all our senior, including you and try to discuss in-depth about the quality of the images. We will examine all the faults that you noticed, and we will cross-check with your requirements and our ability.

If we find our fault, then we will refund you the full amount and deliver the work again.

You will be credited full payment within seven working days, and our customer service officer will make a followup email every day to get you through the process.

  • The refund policy is not be activated yet.
  • The images that we delivered to you perfectly match your requirements.
  • If you terminate the project before the time.
  • If you asked refund after the first delivery.​
  • If you fail to give explicit instructions.

Free Trial

Clipping Way provides a Free Trial of 02 images for every new client. For this service, we will not charge any cost. The official company domain must reference the eligibility of this service. If the works need more than three hours to complete, including photo editing, color balance, multi clipping and other services.

We reserve all the rights to terminate any Free Trial at any time. For a personal image editing service, we don’t offer a Free Trial for this, and you must complete the quoted form from the website.

We Can Refuse A Full Refund If

  • Any technical issues that happen.
  • Your image fails to cooperate with our editing tools.​
  • Your models fail to provide a minimal color tone.
  • Faded and broken photographs.
  • Images that have less resolution.

Clipping Way always reserve all the rights to update the refund policy. All of our refund policy execute three to seven business days. And we owe all the responsibility to send back the money back to your account.

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