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Most of the time, it’s not possible to get the perfect background of an image. As a result, the background of the photo becomes repulsive and fails to attract customers. Removing the background is the ideal option to give it a professional and attractive look. So, if you are looking solution for this type of complication, a photo background removal service is your solution.

The prime object of an image background removal service is to detach the product or main object from its background and give it a suitable background. If you are curious about the outcome, you can try our Free Trial option to know the differences between us and other providers.

We provide an excellent service as we have experienced personnel who are always ready to serve you. You will get quality service, and it’s affordable for image cutout service. Besides removing the background, you can get shadow creation, different color effects, etc. Also, our 24/7 online support team will answer any of your queries till you are satisfied.

What is Background Removal Services?

From the name itself, we can guess that the background removal service is related to remove the background from the main object. But what else? Well, this service is about not only just removing the background but also giving it an attractive and interesting background that matches the object.

Actually, this image manipulation technique does many other tasks like removing unwanted objects from the background, erasing any back-drop or shadow from the image, etc. The ultimate goal is to make the photo catchy in the customer’s eye.

As there are many eCommerce sites and product images, customers get many options when they intend to purchase a product. Only an eye-catchy image of the product can bring the customer to your site. Our company provides product background removal services at the cheapest rate without compromising the quality. Our professional team can make a lifeless background lively and exciting with 100% accuracy.

Type of Background Removal Services​

As per online demand we categorized it into 4. You can take look from below:

simple easy background removal

Simple Background Removal

Products that are simple in shape and size requires this service. For a simple background removal service, image should be a simple type that makes it easy to edit and takes little time. Simple product images like rectangular, corner round, or oval-shaped product images such as packet image, book image, backpack image, smartphone image, bottle image, sound box image, etc., belong to this service. As the clipping path of a simple object doesn't need much time, our team can give you the best quality image with a satisfying background composition within a short time. Within 24 hours, they can provide two thousand images of great quality.

medium background removal

Medium Background Removal

When the product image is a little bit complex than simple ones, then you need a medium background removal service. Products that have whole or blank space in them like vanity bags, earrings, bangles, women's wear, car image, etc., are in this section. We edit this type of product images and give them a fascinating background that enhances its outlook. This background removal photo service will take a bit more time than the simple one. Our graphic designers work 24/7 to give the best appearance of the product and edit the images carefully so that you can get your desirable images.

Background Removal Services 1

Complex Background Removal

There are many products that are complex in structure, and they are not easy to clipping path except you do that with discreetness. Product images like flower bucket images, wild creature images, cycle images, etc., are very much tough to remove from the background. Don't worry if you don't know how to do it; we are always ready to provide you complex background removal service. You can also inform us of your requirements, and our team will make them accordingly. If you have any doubt, you can go for a free trial at first, and you won't even have to fill in the information on your credit card. Later you can decide to purchase our services without any hesitation.

Background Removal Services 2

Super Complex Background Removal

You may find some product images too complex to remove and adjust the background. Well, it's not possible to remove the background of these images without any professional experience. Our highly expert team can make this possible at a reasonable price. Images such as hair images, model images, dolls images that have hairs and threads, basket images with lots of hole in it, etc., belong to this category. To cut the whole object from its background with perfection is quite difficult, and it needs care and attention as well as time-consuming. To remove background, online service like clipping way is very effective, and you can get full satisfaction with our services.

Benefits of Background Removal Services

Background removal service is very beneficial for eCommerce business websites and photographers. Here I am describing some of its benefits so that you can imagine the necessity.

While capturing an image, you may not find appropriate background, or if you find it, there may be unwanted objects or flaws. These flaws will spoil the quality of the image, and your product will lose attraction.

In this case, this service will remove the irrelevant elements from the background and give it an authentic look. Customers will find the image professional and relevant.

Sometimes a well-captured image doesn’t look attractive and beautiful, but it should look so as background removal photoshop services can make an amazing appearance for the image portal. It creates a polished look as well as engaging.

Also, for commercial purposes, having the same background seems dull. You cannot go places to capture the images; instead, you can just change the background and replace it when needed.

Importance of Image Background Remove Online

In photography and eCommerce sites, the background removal service is very much important. Also, for any website, a nicely organized photo is important. Hiring a professional photographer is costly for the product photography because there are always new products coming up.

So, you choose to capture them by yourself. But without a tripod and other settings, images become blurry and shaky. To solve this problem, you can go for an image background removal online service.

The color of the product doesn’t match with the original product, sometimes due to lighting inconsistency or color incompatibility. Changing the background solves this issue, too, and gives the product an original color and look.

In most cases, it seems to persecute to hire a graphic designer by a person or offline where you can find them online easily like clipping way. It’s pretty much affordable as well as time-saving also.

Customers can easily ascertain what to purchase after watching background edited images of the product. It brings satisfaction to them when they find similarities between the commercials and the original product.

Amazon Product Background Removal

As Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce platforms, every commercial image should be well-edited so customers can assume the quality by viewing the images. People compare images from other eCommerce websites and Amazon.

Well, I guess you can now imagine the importance of Amazon product images. People from around the world are the customers of Amazon so Amazon product background removal service is very much needed.

The images of Amazon products need to be precise and clear for understanding every feature visually. Appropriate background color and composition increase the visibility of the product, and that’s why almost every retailer and business holder gives importance to this service. In our company, you can find suitable background removal service for your Amazon product.

Background Remove Company of New York

Clipping Way is one of the top-rated companies in the US and we have plenty of clients from New York. Our customers from New York are happy to have our services. We have many testimonials that will prove our authenticity.

Therefore, we don’t sit idle instead we work on improving skills every day. The willpower of our workers makes us achieve this success. The satisfied clients of ours don’t hesitate to hire us for the second and third time.

Besides the US, the background removal service India also got numerous satisfied clients. As India has a huge platform for e-commerce business and other buying-selling websites, they are a big group of clients for us. Also, we have customers from Bangladesh who are pleased with our services.

Why You Should Choose Clipping Way for Professional Background Removal?

You will find some companies who cannot satisfy their clients with their services. Most of those companies cannot maintain proper timetable and quality while our company is different. You have many reasons to choose us to give you our services.

The skilled workers of our company are well-trained and they always use up-to-date software for their excellent job. We have a potential management system and a professional team for controlling the quality. This team checks the quality of the product three times before finishing the order.

Also, we have experienced graphic designers who work 24/7 without any holiday so you can get our services anytime. You will get the fastest delivery services at an affordable rate.

We have customers from many countries and we have a leading reputation for that. Our background removal service UK is also reputed for its great service and international quality parameters. We are always ready to serve our clients and give our best to them.

Why need this Background Removal Services for Buyer

For buyers, the background removal service is of great importance as the buyers are the main target. As the eCommerce business is growing rapidly, maximum buyers depend on the product images that are given on the eCommerce website. Well, I am pointing out in detail here.

Customers intend to research a lot before buying any product, whether the product is costly or not. Based on the quality of the image, they make a decision. So, if the product image isn’t clear or blurry and cannot represent the actual value, it becomes pointless to upload it. The main target of an eCommerce site is to attract customers, and if it fails, their business won’t run smoothly.

Also, a noisy image will leave a bad impact on the customers, and a professional look will interest them. So, if you want more buyers at your business website, you must need this Background removal service.

Why do e-commerce retailers need background removal

Background removal service gives the object an attractive and eye-catching look. This appearance helps to attract customers more than a normal, non-edited image of the product. For example, if you see a beautiful dress in the middle of a pile, it will be hard for you to notice its beauty but if you see this on a mannequin, it will be easily noticed.

Exactly the same happens when you cut out an object from a messy or blurry background and paste it into a suitable place. The customers will find it enchanting and flashy at the same time. This is the main reason; e-commerce retailers need background removal service.

E-commerce retailers sell their products by showing off product images. So, if the images aren’t attractive their earnings will decrease automatically. Background removal service beautifies the images and gives them an attractive and real look which cannot be achieved by only capturing it. Therefore, to increase sales, this service is mandatory for e-commerce retailers.

Why Image background removal is so important for a photographer

Photographers usually not only capture photos but also post-process them to give a beautiful and meaningful look. Image background removal service is necessary for photographers who mainly works in product photography. 

Also, for portrait photography and still-life photography background is an important factor. Without the appropriate color background, an object doesn’t seem noticeable.

A bright background is good for products that need to show multiple features while the dark one is perfect for aesthetic photography and portrait based on the character.

Many software is used by photographers for editing images like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.    To remove image background, gimp is also used by photographers.  It’s an image manipulating program that is used for editing and manipulating images.

Well, removing the background and setting a new one is a part of image manipulation that is imperative for photographers to show off their photography skills and make it splendid.

Automatic/Free Background Remove Service

There is a number of tools that will give you background removal service for free. But will they work the same? Obviously no! You can get both free service and professional service and compare them. The differences will be clear. If you want a professional background removal service. Our company provides an excellent professional service for jpg image background remove so that you can experience the best.

It’s not ridiculous if you ask is online has free tools to edit my personal/professional photos, the simple answer is yes.

We found 2 websites that providing free and paid version. and Free version allows to download up to 500px X 500px. Paid version allow to download full edited image.

Home – Upload Section

free background

Original Image

Background Removal Services 3

Output File

outout image from

– Edge of the product are not clear

– Not smooth

– Looks very unprofessional Free version allows to download up to 10 MB, resolution: 4.2Mpx, file format allows only JPG, PNG or WebP. Paid version allow to download full edited image.

Home – Upload Section

Background Removal Services 4

Original Image

photoscissors result

Output Image

photoscissors final result

– They missed product area
– Edge not clear & Smooth
– Unacceptable Result

Are you satisfied above result?

If yes, we are happy to hear that.

But, if not I will suggest you use our professional services.

They are providing free services so we can’t expect full satisfaction from them, that’s why we build our company to make the customer happy and give me full of satisfaction.

Now Question is if you are not satisfied with us?

No worries about it, we refund full payment if you are not satisfied. We have a 100% money back guarantee.

Clipping Way and Other Competitors Comparison Chart

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason for background removal service is to give the object a suitable background so it becomes attractive to its viewer. Besides, it provides the image consistency in order to make it apparent.

Background removal is to be done step by step to cut out the background from the object and give it a proper background. If your image doesn’t need to change the background, you can avoid using this service and go for another.

For background removal, a clipping path is also necessary but they are not similar. The procedure of drawing an outer line around the main object is called a clipping path while erasing everything around the main object is background removal.

The processing time of the background removal service depends on the image type. If the central object is simple then it would take a lot less time than a complex object. Usually, the range is from 5 minutes to 30 minutes for completing one task.