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Removing background to exactly the edge increasing the visibility of online products which is the best way to make 3x sales. Get more visitors attention with a clean background.

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Background-Removal Services

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Type of Background Removal Services

Choose from 4 types of background removal services to fulfill all of your image background removal requirements.

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Simple Background Removal

Perfect for straightforward images with clean, simple backgrounds, and basic shapes of objects. If you are involved with product photography of books, boxes, mobile covers, and other simple objects, this background removal service will be a suitable choice for you to get rid of distractive backgrounds.

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Medium Background Removal

Medium Background Removal Service is suitable for images with soft edges. This is the best method to remove background for objects like furniture, watches, bottles, multiple product images, perfumes, and showpieces. We will remove the background precisely to ensure your images stand out with clarity.

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Complex Background Removal

When you have captured images with busy backgrounds and complex-shaped objects, it will take more effort to remove those sorts of backgrounds. Complex background removal service is the best solution to that. Jewelry ornaments, trees, and other objects having holes and challenging shapes fall into that category.

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Super Complex Background Removal

For the most challenging images, we offer Super Complex Background Removal service to deliver the highest accuracy. This service is perfect for photos with small details, product group photography, cycle, and flower bucket. This service ensures the perfect removal of the most complicated backgrounds into a clean background.


How Our Background Removal Services Helps?

Engaging Look

Enhances your product images by removing distractions, ensuring your images stands out by taking our removal service.

Boost Conversion

Clear, focused images through background removal lead to higher conversion rates. Buyer love to see real look of the product images.

User Experience

Visitors enjoy a visually appealing online store with realistic product photos. Pure white background influence buyers for repeat visits.

Custom Backdrop

Decorate product photography with custom backdrops that suit your brand identity. Add your own color, or background.

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Benefits From Background Removal Service

Here are some top reasons why you need background removal service for your online shop.

In Online businesses, you won’t get more than a few seconds to impress potential buyers. Every business needs to create a positive first impression to influence the viewers to buy the product. If you upload product photos without any busy background, it will create a positive first impression.

Millions of products are available online. Viewers can easily get distracted if your product photo has anything unnecessary in the frame. Uploading product photos without having any busy background lowers the risk of getting distracted. It’s an excellent method to showcase your Product, be it body wearables or high value items like diamond, gold, or silver.

72% of online buyers get attracted to white background product photography while browsing for products in an online shop. This is the key reason why Ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay have set mandatory rules to use a white background for product photos. You can achieve an extra appealing look through Outsource remove background. 

To become successful in the Ecommerce industry, you have to be trustworthy. Background removing make product photography look more professional and trustworthy. It makes the task easier for online vendors to gain trustworthiness. You can have a free trial to feel the difference after removing the background.

Highly experienced and skilled designers of Clipping Way remove background from photos by 300% zooming on it. The outcome looks so realistic that the viewers will get attracted to it. Sometimes products look different from their actual look due to unreal background color and distracting elements which we eliminate with proper colors.

While shopping offline, buyers inspect several products and choose the most suitable one. Scenarios are different in online shopping. Online customers visualize a product shape and feel by seeing the photo. High-quality product photos increase the chance of conversions. Try our service now to get those benefits.

Why Clipping Way is Suitable For You

By taking our removal service, showcase every detail of your product image. Its right choice to make a strong online presence.

Supreme Quality

Quality is always the main factor to stand out from the crowd and get more attention. Our supreme quality without having a single flaw in the image ensures the highest accuracy.

Handmade Editing

Lots of AI tools are available online to remove the background within a short time. But you will be disappointed about the quality of AI output. We have a team of expert editors.

3-Step Quality

We are devoted to delivering ready-to-upload images to our clients. To maintain that, we follow a 3-step image quality verification process. The image quality will be inspected by our QC team.

Sign NDA

We are committed to signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). By signing an NDA, we guarantee that your information remains secure and it won’t be shared with third parties.

Monthly Payment

We offer the option of monthly payments. With this facility, you can enjoy our top-notch background removal services without the pressure of upfront costs every time you order.

Excellent Support

Our customer support team is always ready 24/7 to assist you. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or require updates on your project, our support team alwasy ready.

What Is Background Removal Services?

Background removal service is the process of removing unsuitable backgrounds from photos and replacing the background with a suitable background according to the requirements. Photoshop is used to remove the background from images perfectly without keeping any portion from the background.


Some of Our Work Sample

Have a look at our last month remove background projects for product photography

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Audience for Whom Background Removal Service is Suitable

Clipping Way offers its services to a wide range of clients, accommodating their needs for various background effects such as blurring or complete removal. We primarily cater to the following business sectors:


High-quality product images are mandatory for ecommerce success. Background removal services ensure the best result with attracting more potential buyers. Clean, professional images enhance the shopping experience to bring higher conversion rates. Your products become the main highlight by getting our services. It will help to build trust and encourage sales.


Capturing the attention-to-detail of a product is the main goal of product photography. Image background removal services allow the product’s details to shine on a clean background. It saves your time and lets you focus on shooting rather than editing. With pure white backgrounds, your photos boost your chances to engage more viewers. 


Managing a large inventory of product photos is always difficult without any helping hand for image post processing. Our services simplify the task of coordinating images for catalogs, websites, and promotional campaigns.Get your all images with a consistent professional appearance. It helps Image Coordinators in creating a brand image across all marketing platforms. 


Enjoy  the flexibility to use product images in different contexts to handle a variety of photography projects. This service is useful for advertisements on social media posts and other advertising platforms. By offering ready-to-use images, agencies can deliver maximum positive outcomes to their clients. It enhances creativity for utilizing mages into various designs.

Running a photography studio always struggle with multiple tasks and bulk images. Our removal services reduce the work load by taking care of image editing task. This allows your team to focus on photoshoot for taking stunning photographs. With professionally edited images, studio managers will be free from the stress of post production. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Any Questions

Background Eraser tool and pen tool both are used in Photoshop to remove the background. The pen tool is the best option to remove the background accurately.

You have to select the object and separate it from the background using a selection tool. Then, you can delete the background.

You can use the Fotor application to remove the background without any charge. But free methods are not that accurate to provide a satisfactory result.

In Clipping Way, background removal service charges start from $0.25 only. Moreover, you will get a discount on bulk orders.

  • Remove unwanted part.
  • Easy to display subject perfectly.
  • Make attractive.
  • Looks professional.
  • Increase sales.
  • Generate more revenue.

The pen tool in Photoshop is the best tool for background removal services. Professional designers use that tool to remove backgrounds. 

Using the magic eraser tool in Photoshop is the easiest way to remove a background from a picture.

The primary goal of background removal is to remove unsuitable background from the image and enhance the visual impact of the targeted object.

Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing software for removing backgrounds. Expert designers use this software to remove backgrounds professionally.

Any recent version of Adobe Photoshop will be the best option for background removal on a PC. If you want to remove the background using your mobile, you can use the Adobe Express app. 

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