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Living models can be pricey, come with juggling challenges, and often be inconsistent. A mannequin, from the other side, is a wise one-time purchase. Yet, no one wants to see those lifeless mannequins. That is where our ghost mannequin service comes in.

To generate revenue, images with the merchandise are vital. Your customer wants to see how it will look on them via those pics. Especially in the fashion industry, apparel pics are the key to your success.

A well-edited mannequin image shows more details of the product. It brings out the most whether you have the whole body or a single part. The service delivers the visual idea of how it will look if worn by the audience.

We are here to let you offer more high-quality output pictures to your target market through the solution. The ghost editing effect has become vital to e-commerce, journals, and qualified photographers. You can get the neck-joint editing for apparel from our company. We are best because we are cost-efficient, experienced, and pocketed a 99% success rate.

We also offer ecommerce related all photo editing services. Sometimes need outsourcing photo editing for the online product display on your website, we ready to help you for this.

What Is Neck Joint Service?

Ghost Mannequin solution enables you to capture a pic of your attire on a dummy and later combine the photo to erase the figure in the editing process. The editing effect, also defined as the invisible/3D mannequin or hollow man effect.

Any ghost mannequin photo is a blend of pairs of images. Often it is referred to as a composite photo also.

Neck Joint Service- ghost mannequin

The first photo represents apparel. And the second or some extra photos ensure explicit representations. It shows every part of the garments’ inner that the mannequin blurred. Those photos are often captured on a foam sheet.

Many mannequin photos are produced using only two shots, but often additional usage is required. It all depends on the form and style of the item. Also, a thorough idea of how much clarity of the on-body image may cover is considered.

Various things, such as necklaces and watches, may not need a dummy. In that case, the ghost mannequin is not exactly the approach, but the concept is somewhat close.

Mannequins or those forms allow items to maintain their structure. These enhance the presentation of marketing photos in a skilled and coherent way. Thus, the market demand for the service is booming day by day.

How to Shoot a Perfect Mannequin Photo

Mannequins may be intrusive. So, it would be best if you took extra care while capturing your first mannequin photo.

Let us help you get a fairly clear understanding of the ghost mannequin idea and its photographic criteria. Read on to learn the best way to build your setup and catch the pics you need.

Using the mannequin technique for creating the 3D image:

Paybacks of Ghost Mannequin Editing

It is a vital and quite budget way to advertise your clothing line. Mannequin editing services intensify the content of the products to retain their form. It also supports to make the picture of your items appear natural and reliable. The purpose is to improve the item’s charm and acceptability to the consumers.

You will get tremendous benefits with this advanced editing strategy. Without clothing retailers, it fixes several challenges for manufacturers, photographers, jewelry businesses too.

More Detailed Visibility

It is the easiest way to present pictures of clothes digitally with more detail. During photo processing, the editing touch deletes the initial mannequin that causes the illusion of the clothing being dressed. The hollow nature will keep the picture of the outfits in the proper dimension.

It also allows the spectator to better understand the characteristics, like fabric style, color, shape, etc. Again, this would make the photo appear attractive. As a result, you can draw more buyers and encourage them to pick the correct one.

Create a Brand Value

One of the service’s main benefits is that when presented on an e-commerce platform or online catalog, it’ll create a standard appearance of all apparel items. Undoubtedly, it is very significant, as it tends to build a stronger identity for your brand. The approach will drive more buyers to a platform. As a result, it directs them quickly to pick and purchase the best type of clothes.

Another bonus of the mannequin photo editing is that this makes the item logo visible. You could take out the mannequin outline from the neck’s part and position the manufacturer logos afterward. It will support customers who become faithful to a specific brand and build confidence in them.

Get Access to Further Editing

A ghost mannequin editing generally requires several other procedures other than elimination image parts only. These are combining photos, modifying the backdrop, changing the cloth color, etc.

Keep the Photo Standard

It will also help to remove many pointless parts. These include wiping out mannequins and backdrops with the ghost mannequin editing touch. The service also ensures matching the requirements of various e-commerce sites.

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service?

Creative photographers often require neck joint operation. Besides, an organization will save time with this service. Without photographers, other businesses found our service vital for the right product appearance. These are –

Why They Use Our Service?

Cutting out unused things

Separating items from images

To create the outline, you want in the form

To render picture masking great

Supporting the drop shadow creation

To establish post-processing for sparkling jewels

For editing background

For item replacements in the pictures

In the process of image restoration

For the edge smoothness

To produce ghost mannequins for your merchandise

Why is Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Important in the clothing industry?

We bring out the best of every image by absolutely wiping out the mannequin or model. Shoppers will then see the item and just the item. There will be nothing more left to divert them.

Photos Have a Tremendous Effect on the Consumer

Bottom Joint Service

Research has found that 75% of online shoppers agree that pictures influence buying decisions. If there is no resemblance to the photos, 30% of customers return their purchased product.

Further, 86 percent of Americans agree that honesty in the industry is imperative than everything. They feel that marketers must provide this clarity to get confidence in the company and their goods.

So, displaying compelling content with proper detail only can solve the issue. Strong visual image drives 40% of your target market to your online marketplace.

People are not often effective at describing the items. That is where our editing service comes into action. We help you to transform a potential shopper into a loyal consumer.

Company Visual Communication is More Valuable

Sleeves Joint Service

Visual representations should be the real image of your offerings. Customers perceive on the web to get a product, not to waste time. As an e-Commerce business, you should meet his or her expectation.

Depending on how it feels, clients will give the item a try on your platform. Suppose a newly launched website advertises its product image with low quality. In that case, it is likely to lose consumers. And yes, they will switch to rival platforms.

Achieving consumers’ loyalty and holding them is vital here. As a diverse niche business, you should take it into serious consideration.

Humans get attracted by eye-pleasing items. Thus, an e-Commerce firm should able to influence the five senses of the customers. Our service is nothing but to reach that goal. It will also assist a platform in transforming sales leads.

Why Should You Pick Our Ghost Mannequin Service?

“Really happy with Clipping Way’s service. I found them online, sent in a free shot to show me their job — I was delighted with the output. Since then, I have left the editing task on them. The rate is decent compared to others.” – Jacob Finn (existing client).

Our achievement is nothing but those happy clients. Look at why they choose us.

Plentiful & Eligible Resources

The skilled attribute is our driving factor. So, we keep our team connected with new developments and innovations frequently.

Rapid Turnaround

Twenty-four hours is our average processing period. For urgent needs, it can be as short as 4 hours.

Service 24/7

For your pleasure, the Clipping Way editing staff and customer support work 24/7. We have a big team to maintain that schedule.

Top-notch Quality Assurance

Keeping quality is our main strength. Our skilled team is active in maintaining this standard. You will get beyond your expectations.

Duration of Response

Within ten min, our team will get back to you to answer your any query. It just takes a twit time to get started with us.

100% Refund Policy

After delivery if you are not satisfied with us we back 100% your money without any asking within few minutes.

What Makes Us Unique


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How Do We Provide Ghost Mannequin Service Via Photoshop?

Let’s get jump into the discussion directly to learn how we do the ghost mannequin editing. We usually use Photoshop for this purpose.

Phase 1: Get Your Layers Lined Up

To enable the layer editable:

  1. Open the photo of the dress taken on a mannequin in Photoshop.
  2. Double-click the Backdrop Layer.
  3. Rename the layer next.

Make and put another layer just behind the created layer. Rename it as well. Then by press SHIFT+F5 and select Black next to objects, fill the current backdrop layer with 100% black.

Phase 2: Use the Magic Wand Function to Pick the Background

Keep the Front Layer is selected. Find the Magic Wand feature first from the menu of Photoshop.

While the tool is selected, you are supposed to see two buttons in the program window. Choose Subject and Select and Mask. Then hit Select and Mask then.

You should see almost nothing except a black background in the Preview Window then. At the top of the screen, select the Subject icon.

The software will try to process the image object. It will establish a selection, respectively. This access will be ideal if the initial picture has a strong backdrop that is a distinct hue from your dress.

Step 3: Using the Magic Wand Tool to Select the Mannequin

In Photoshop, the next solution is to eliminate the apparel from the doll.

Pick the Quick Selection tool. After this, select Subtract from the toolbar. It is located at the preview window’s upper end.

Under the Preview Window, choose the part of the doll that is visible by clicking on them. When you select these portions, they will fade away. We use CTRL+Z to undo if you accidentally remove part of the garment. You can minimize the dimension of these with the Size option.

Phase 4: Making a Mask Layer

Select the mask icon of your top layer to hide the backdrop of the garment. Then, next to the layer Icon, pick the Mask key.

Select the Eraser option and ensure the foreground color is changed to white and the backdrop color to black. It is located under the toolbar section.

Wipe away off some parts that are now apparent from the dummy.

Phase 5: Making Inner Selections

Now, we will edit the next pic. It displays the inner of your clothes. Pick the neck region of the dress using the Rectangular Marquee tool.

To scale or move the layer, press CTRL+T to match the neck’s rear with the front.

Phase 6: Warp and Clean Up Parts of the Inner

To do the trick, we use the Warp tool. Select the layer first. Then go to Edit > Transform > Warp to pick the tool.

Via the Warp connectors, lift on the middle of the neck to shape a curve, like a real neck form.

Pick the Eraser option to delete any places that don’t subtly match up with the top edge of the neck.

That is, in brief, the way we follow to edit ghost mannequin photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any usual inquiry, you can check the section below. We have listed the questions and gave the possible answers you may want to know. If you have any query let us know, our customer care representative will be happy to help you.

A mannequin is the main element you would require when taking fashion pictures. The general issue is the buying of one. Don’t be scared. Specific strategies can be used to reduce that cost.

But you would need incredibly competent services for editing to make it appear fine.

If you do not have a doll, you should use the flat lay strategy or desktop shooting method. You placed the garments in a straight line in this process. It could be a ground or a bench. Then adjust the concentration of the spotlight towards the subject.

You should use a handrail or a stick to hold the outfit in form. It has been common in industries as a low-cost photographic plan.

There are also several more instruments you could use as replacements for mannequins.

For capturing clothing or accessories, it is a technical photographic strategy. Camerapersons first wear costumes on a mannequin. They make sure there is no single inch of the clothing is held stretched.

You have to choose the shot from the front first. Then undress the doll. You have to keep the outfit in a way to capture the block’s parts under the doll initially.

Through post-processing, we will delete the mannequin later. Through post-processing, we will delete the dummy later. The photography style keeps the natural outfit shape while removing the mannequin.

You should use the service if you want to achieve the following–

  • To bring depth and texture in a product image, especially the apparel and jewelry
  • If you want to reduce the cost and complexities of recruiting real models
  • When you choose to display the rear and the front of your offering, or a wide-angle perspective
  • To view the interior of the clothing, including the inner tag, name, and mark

If your marketing goal or process is related to any of these, you should ignore the service.

  • Since you like to display the items used in detail, with live models
  • If your website or ads experiments show that live models deliver better conversions
When photographers used to take photograph with a mannequin, the inner part of the product got imperceptible. To make an apparent view of the imperceptible inner part and to remove the mannequin, photographers take another photo of the inner part. And then the business owner needs neck joint or ghost mannequin service. Basically, the invisible mannequin service is known as Neck Joint. This complex task is done by Clipping Way using latest Adobe products, basically Adobe Photoshop. To create a hollow space as a disappeared body a transparent mannequin is used by combining inner and front part of products. After removing the background of product image clipping path is applied to join front and inner part of the product image. Sometimes inner part loses its focus and became fuzzy. To avoid this error some special effect like color correction, brightness, contrast, sharpness is used to create an eye-catching view. A proper view enhances sell of web shop or E-commerce site. Our expert team is renowned for Neck Joint service.

We receive the order in an online-based system and deliver the final edited files online also. So, you can use our service anytime and from anywhere.

After getting the order file, our expert graphic designers analyze the images separately and decide what type of e-commerce photo retouching or editing works are needed. They separate the images into several folders by the editing works requirement. Then they start their edit works. We always use Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool for our services. Our graphic designers have a good reputation for their excellent handworks. The professional quality checking team checks 3 times every order file to maintain the required quality.

There is no holiday or off day here and you will get 24/7 online support from us. We can complete orders very quickly and delivery those quickly also. The service charges are quite reasonable. So, come and enjoy our services.

It’s a point. A large sector using Ghost Mannequin Service. Basically, every `business-related fashion wares use this service most. Various e-commerce sites, advertising agencies, Fashion photographers, garment related shops, E-shop, news, and magazines. Don’t be confused about your verity. Basically, Clipping Way works for all kind of garment products like shirts, T-shirts, jeans, blouse, sweater, skirts, trousers etc. Besides, you can use our service for branding your products over worldwide customers to promote your products in a great way. Many different types of well-known fashion industries come to us for taking this service. Our quality can save your time and effort. You should expeditious for contacting with Clipping Way sales team. Our goal is to provide the best service within hours without losing quality.

There are many eCommerce photo editing companies in this industry. But most of them don’t have enough experience or ability to provide quality services. They don’t have well professional graphic designers for their editing works. For these reasons, these e-commerce photo editing service providers cannot satisfy the clients want and the required quality, as well as they, fail to deliver the orders in time.

As an image editing and image masking service provider, the Clipping Way don’t have this kind of disadvantages. We have a graphic designing expert team, well management system and professional quality checking team. We check every order at last 3 time to ensure the best service for our clients. We provide online support 24/7 and you can enjoy our service at cheap price.

So, using our service may become a great decision of yours.

Rounding Up

You have understood how our ghost mannequin service can add value to your business now. We will work with your given images to produce the most rational looking product photo.

It does not matter whether you captured the photo using a visible or non-transparent mannequin. We can help you deliver your merchandise to life, add interest. It will help you build your brand, all while keeping your head off a tedious job.

Till now, we have processed over 6 million pictures and continuing. It implies you get quality assurance since our team is professional and competent.

Try us, and then let us help you reach the most ambitious targets. Reach us with the sample pics, then decide. Whether you have a small or bulk quantity of pictures, our offer will fit your scene.