Ghost Mannequin Service

It’s tactics done by Photoshop to express clothing product image on a right dimension. It also called photo manipulation. Clipping Way is the fastest growing Ghost Mannequin Service provider in USA, Canada, UK and Germany. Our designer team helps to take a product image to life applying this effect. The manipulation is done by completing some complex task like neck joint, bottom joint, sleeves joint etc.

We have a well-skilled team with several years experience to serve the best. Different angels photograph and manipulation of verities portion of product image completes it. Uses of this demand able service are increasing day by day to the worldwide online based marketplace. Because you can’t imagine an online based business without visibility. 

In current time, we are providing our services to the photographers, studios, e-commerce agents, wholesalers, web-developers etc and our popular service is clipping path, image masking service, shadow creation, photo retouching etc. If you want the best, start working with us. It will be a wise decision. So, let’s start. We can ensure you the great result of this service.

Ghost Mannequin Services

Based on the complexity of Ghost Mannequin, we categorized it in 3 subcategories. You can take a gracious eyeshot over the descriptions below:

Neck Joint Service- ghost mannequin

Neck Joint Service

While taking apparel products photograph there is no way to avoid the appearance of a mannequin. This reason makes the inner part of products image invisible. When photographers do this they have to take many images at a time. This multitude fact can’t expose the product image on its right dimension. To make professional looks for your fashion apparels clients have to need Neck Joint service. Only this service can show your product image to natural look. We have notable numbers of designers to give you best Neck joint/Ghost Mannequin Service. Within 24 hours we are able to deliver 1000 images. We can give the best service with many years’ experience. Designers can provide the best Neck Joint service without losing quality. We always offer you a reliable price but never compromises with service quality. We don’t destroy the original shape of the product during neck joint service. To determine our quality and excellence you can use our Free Trial service from our website without entering credit card information. Feel free hit on the Free Trial button from website top menu. Having a very clear-eyed team of designers to make you amused.

Sleeves Joint Service

Bottom Joint Service

During apparel products photography, due to present a mannequin the back part can’t appear in the photograph. Bottom Joint service is needed for those garments/apparel items especially. The apparel that has a long back part from front part needs this service more. Photographers have to take different parts image severally. Our designers have to joint these several parts to create a professional look. Our service gives an original look at this manipulation. We have a dedicated and strategic team of designers to fulfill your contentment about Bottom Joint. 24/7 working team are always ready to give you amusing Bottom Joint service. Mention able numbers of professional Bottom Joint service experts work only for this service. We can deliver 1000 images within 24 hours. Before undertaking any Bottom Joint service responsibility our experts have to research your requirement. So our work is indefectible. Thereafter if any defect happens unconsciously, Clipping Way have revision option without an extra fee. We gave this service to our valuable customers worldwide. Contact with our respondent support team to get best Bottom joint service. Your any query about this service is worthy of us.

Bottom Joint Service

Sleeves Joint Service

When photographers take images there has an appearance on the mannequin. After removing mannequin sleeves lost its naturalist. Our Sleeves Joint service experts makes this lifeless sleeves natural and professional looking for customers. Image quality improves much more when our experts apply sleeves joint service. Your sites display gets the more charming look. It’s important for business and customers individually. For business purpose, you should use our classy Sleeves Joint service. Our duty is to provide best Sleeves Joint service without losing image detail and quality of your gorgeous product. Designers of Clipping Way are very expert to complete this complicated sleeves joint service. We can deliver 1500 images within 24 hours. We have a special team for sleeves joint and they work only for this service. Ours have a glorious background in providing high-quality Sleeves Joint service. You should contact our sales team to get evident Sleeves Joint service excellence. During Clipping Way establishment only we giving amazing Sleeves Joint service. Your job is contacting us when you need, then our designer’s job is to provide you a top flight Sleeves Joint service. Before on boarding please check our quality and excellence. You can use our Free Trial option from our website without entering credit card information. We assure that you can get us as an authentic service provider.

How Do We Do This

Here we have provided a tutorial to share the basic working process of
our Photoshop professionals. You can easily understand how our
expert designers do their work if you watch video

Frequently Asked Questions

For any usual inquiry, you can check the section below. We have listed the questions and gave the possible answers you may want to know. If you have any query let us know, our customer care representative will be happy to help you.

When photographers used to take photograph with a mannequin, the inner part of the product got imperceptible. To make an apparent view of the imperceptible inner part and to remove the mannequin, photographers take another photo of the inner part. And then the business owner needs neck joint or ghost mannequin service. Basically, the invisible mannequin service is known as Neck Joint. This complex task is done by Clipping Way using latest Adobe products, basically Adobe Photoshop. To create a hollow space as a disappeared body a transparent mannequin is used by combining inner and front part of products. After removing the background of product image clipping path is applied to join front and inner part of the product image. Sometimes inner part loses its focus and became fuzzy. To avoid this error some special effect like color correction, brightness, contrast, sharpness is used to create an eye-catching view. A proper view enhances sell of web shop or E-commerce site. Our expert team is renowned for Neck Joint service.

We receive the order in an online-based system and deliver the final edited files online also. So, you can use our service anytime and from anywhere.

After getting the order file, our expert graphic designers analyze the images separately and decide what type of e-commerce photo retouching or editing works are needed. They separate the images into several folders by the editing works requirement. Then they start their edit works. We always use Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool for our services. Our graphic designers have a good reputation for their excellent handworks. The professional quality checking team checks 3 times every order file to maintain the required quality.

There is no holiday or off day here and you will get 24/7 online support from us. We can complete orders very quickly and delivery those quickly also. The service charges are quite reasonable. So, come and enjoy our services.

It’s a point. A large sector using Ghost Mannequin Service. Basically, every `business-related fashion wares use this service most. Various e-commerce sites, advertising agencies, Fashion photographers, garment related shops, E-shop, news, and magazines. Don’t be confused about your verity. Basically, Clipping Way works for all kind of garment products like shirts, T-shirts, jeans, blouse, sweater, skirts, trousers etc. Besides, you can use our service for branding your products over worldwide customers to promote your products in a great way. Many different types of well-known fashion industries come to us for taking this service. Our quality can save your time and effort. You should expeditious for contacting with Clipping Way sales team. Our goal is to provide the best service within hours without losing quality.

There are many eCommerce photo editing companies in this industry. But most of them don’t have enough experience or ability to provide quality services. They don’t have well professional graphic designers for their editing works. For these reasons, these e-commerce photo editing service providers cannot satisfy the clients want and the required quality, as well as they, fail to deliver the orders in time.

As an image editing and image masking service provider, the Clipping Way don’t have this kind of disadvantages. We have a graphic designing expert team, well management system and professional quality checking team. We check every order at last 3 time to ensure the best service for our clients. We provide online support 24/7 and you can enjoy our service at cheap price.

So, using our service may become a great decision of yours.