Multi Clipping Path ServiceMulti Clipping Path Service

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Try Multi Clipping Path Service For Accurate Separation of Images

With the help of multiple path creation you can separate parts of your images on a transparent background.

Multi Clipping Path Service makes it easier to clip, modify and change specific portions of Ecommerce products. You can get your product photos in different colors without taking extra shots. It also allows you to clip an image and present its element separately.
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Multiple Clipping Path Service For Clothing Item To Separate Color

While dealing with garments product photos, you may want to change the color of the neck, sleeve, and body separately. Multi path service is the best option for that.

Unmatching background and lack of light sources make clothing photography look dull. Multiple clipping path services are the best solution for changing and modifying the color of specific portions like neck, sleeve, front, and back. Let’s have a free trial now for trying it with your images.
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Cost per image


Discount price


Whether you are a photographer or selling things online, our special edits will make your pictures stand out to impress everyone.

It will be a game-changer move for your business to truly engage your audience in a competitive field. Experience the difference of our expert touch today.

Multiple Clipping Path Service 4Multiple Clipping Path

Take Multi Clipping Path Service For Perfect Formation Of Ecommerce Product Photography

Get your Ecommerce product in different colors according to your demands. It saves your photography budget as the service charge is reasonable.

Product sellers often want to modify their products by specific portions. Taking several shots doesn’t bring the solution. End up your worries with the help of our professional photo editing services. Present your product photos of any shape with the best formation.

Why Choose Multi Clipping Path Service at Clipping Way?

Clipping Way is providing top-notch Photo Multi Clipping Path Service at a reasonable price.

Why Clipping Way is the Best Choice For Multi Clipping Path Service?

We come with all the essential qualities to edit and bring the best look for your photos. Let me tell you why you can trust Clipping Way.

Quality Beyond Limitation

Whenever you think about trying a service, quality is the most important thing to consider. We don’t have any limitations when it comes to quality. We are capable of matching your expectations. You can choose us for any complex and super complex images. We are determined to deliver the highest quality each time you place an order.

Flexible Order Placement

Unlike others, we offer our clients a flexible order placement that is convenient for photographers, Ecommerce sellers, and studio people. We don’t have any minimum or maximum number of image requirements for placing image editing orders. You can try our service for any number of images.

Pay As You Go

You would be happier to know that you only have to compromise your image quantity while confirming an order. We don’t have any specific packages to choose from while uploading your images. You need to pay according to the quantity. You can try it now by placing an order.

Bulk Delivery Capability

We understand that photographers and people related to Ecommerce websites often have to deal with thousands of images. To give you relief from the extra working load we offer bulk delivery within tight deadlines. You can get 3500+ professionally edited photos daily. We will even offer you up to 50% special discounts for bulk orders.

Specialist Designers

Clipping Way has a team of 150+ dedicated and vastly experienced designers. We will assign specialist designers for your image editing order. According to your picture type and demands, specialist designers will edit your picture and deliver you the expected result.

24/7 Non-Stop Service

You might have requirements to edit bulk images at any time. We work with photographers, Ecommerce owners, and online sellers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, etc. To match time zones from any country we offer 24/7 non-stop image editing service. Let’s place your order now.

Assurance of Money Back Guarantee

Ultimately, we want to achieve customer satisfaction. We never hesitate to fulfill our clients' demands. Also, we don’t make any compromise when it comes to quality. Somehow, if you feel unhappy with the quality, we assure you of 100% money-back guarantee. You can rely on our professional image editing work.

Fastest Response

You understand the value of your time. You can ask any queries related to image editing services. You can contact us via direct call, Skype, Gmail, or WhatsApp. We will respond to your queries as soon as possible. You can always expect the fastest response from Clipping Way. Would you like to ask us anything? Let us know.

Cheap Price Premium Quality

Photographers always expect to receive their photos maintaining premium quality. Sometimes, the budget may become an issue that resists from getting the perfect result. Clipping Way has come with the solution. We offer reasonable prices along with maintaining the highest quality. That will be the best deal for photographers.

Advantages Of Multi Clipping Service

Let’s know the benefits of multi clipping service so that you can decide whether you should try the service or not.

Different Layers For Specific Area: Sometimes it gets really difficult to modify a specific area of an image. It will cost you extra time and effort if you want to approach DIY methods. Our professional designers will create several layers to modify an object separately. Overall, you will get the look that you expect without any extra effort. Ask for a free quote now.


Perfect Presentation of Jewelry Product Images: Attractive presentation is the key to getting more sales when it comes to the online jewelry business. Jewelry products like necklaces, earrings, chains, rings, bangles don’t look attractive with normal looks. Try clipping path service by Clipping Way for the perfect presentation of jewelry items.

Merge Clothing Photos: It takes more time to shoot garment items. Before capturing photos, photographers need to represent the cloth perfectly. It’s also expensive to hire models and capture photos with every specific dress. With the help of the multipath technique, you can do it with a single image. Send your image to us and receive it in different colors.

Remove Background From Complex Shape Object: Many sellers are concerned about managing the best background for each product. It gets more difficult when you are working with objects having complex and super complex shapes. This service will assist you to erase any type of background and other destructive objects from your photography.

Specific Color Separation: Would you like to inspect your product in random colors? That would be excellent for product manufacturers and sellers. You can ask for specific color separation to replace any color from an image. We are capable of delivering the service with maintaining the highest accuracy.

Suitable Web Image Optimization Before uploading images online, some optimization works are necessary to make the image suitable for the web. For example, image cropping, rotating, and resizing are mandatory to bring the image in perfect shape. This special image editing method will make your image suitable to upload online.

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I’ve tried the service for my jewelry product and got excellent results. Special thanks to Clipping Way for the excellent work. I will recommend them to my friends and colleagues.
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George P. Edmondson
Lead Creative
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Taken their services several times. Quality, turnaround time, and service charge everything was perfect. I would love to work with them again in the future. Thumbs Up!
Multiple Clipping Path Service 7
Jeppe L. Lassen
I was worried about my clothing photography. They assist me to forget those worries. They are my favorite image editing company. Whenever I have any image editing task, I outsource my photos to them.
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Yke de Zeeuw
Graphic Design

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is the advanced version of the clipping path. This method is used for specific color separation and isolating different elements of an object.

Both are almost similar. While creating a clipping path, single layer and multiple layers both are used. For multi path creation, designers need to create several layers.

We use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC to create multiple paths.

We take 24 hours to 72 hours for regular delivery. You can try express delivery to receive faster.

You will receive your photos within 12 hours and 24 hours in Express delivery.

We have dedicated support team to provide latest update about your order.

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