Beginner Guide adobe photoshop CC 2020

Adobe Photoshop CC Full Guide- Easy Way For Beginners

Adobe Photoshop is a software developed for professional photo editing and graphics design. This software is built by Adobe systems for use on Mac OS and Windows OS.

Professional designers use this software to deliver Outsourcing Photo Editing Service. It’s a powerful photo editor having some super useful image editing tools.

What is Adobe Photoshop CC?

Adobe Photoshop CC is a version of Photoshop software built for professional designers, artists and photographers to design and edit images and image background removal services.

It has an imaging and design app which is part of the adobe creative cloud service that allows the user of Photoshop CC to design mobile apps, websites, banners, posters and icon with the use of its built in easy to use template and tools.

This version of Photoshop also provides professional photography tools which is indispensable in creating and enhancing pictures, giving them a transformation amazingly into works of art.

Adobe Photoshop CC also allows user enhancement and creation of paintings, illustration and 3D artworks. It offers unique effects and patterns and it has built in advanced brushes that allows creation and customizing of digital masterpieces.

Why You Should Learn Photoshop Tools

You should learn how to use the Photoshop tools because it gives you the opportunity to express yourself and your creative skills on your computer whether you know how to draw or not.

The Photoshop tools will also help you to draw and create your own artwork with the help of tools used to easily draw, paint, edit and manipulate pictures. Getting these things done in a traditional way is more difficult and costlier than using these tools.

In addition, learning the use of Photoshop tools can be a source of great business for you if you want to develop a business based on your own product of art.

Photoshop can be used in developing quality art product, you can make your product image very enticing with the use of Photoshop, and this will increase the price of these goods immensely. Also, website designing is also largely dependent on Photoshop tools.

How to Use Adobe Photoshop CC Tools 2023

Move Tool
Move Tool

The move tool is the very first visible tool in the tool bar, it can also be accessed through its shortcut key ‘V’.  

The move tool allows moving of items in your image, any selection created within your image can be relocated within the frame using the move tool, if no selection is available, the entire layer will be moved.

If you make a selection with the use of any adobe Photoshop CC 2019 tools, the selection can be moved independent of any other item within the layer, the moved item will remain in its original layer.

Rectangular Marquee and Elliptical Marquee Tool
Rectangular Marquee tool

(Rectangular Marquee tool)

Elliptical Marquee tool

(Elliptical Marquee tool)

The marquee tools are used in making quick selections within your image. The rectangular marquee tool is located beside or under the move tool, depending on the configuration of your tool bar.

You can gain access to the elliptical marquee tool with a click and hold on the rectangular marquee tool which will bring a dropdown where you can select the elliptical marquee tool from. You can access any of the marquee tool that is visible by typing ‘M’

You can create your selection using any of the marquee tools by a click and drag on the image, the rectangular marquee will create a rectangular shaped selection while the elliptical marquee tool will create an elliptical shaped one..

Rectangular Marquee Tool Used

(Rectangular Marquee Tool Used)

Elliptical Marquee Tool Used

(Elliptical Marquee Tool Used)

Click anywhere on the image or type ctrl D on windows or Command + D on mac to deselect your selection.

Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool and Magnetic Lasso Tool

Lasso tool

(Lasso tool)

Polygonal Lasso tool

(Polygonal Lasso tool)

Magnetic Lasso tool

(Magnetic Lasso tool)

The lasso tools create a selection within your image. Any of the three tools can be accessed by clicking on the visible one. Any of the lasso tool which is visible can be accessed by typing ‘L’

The lasso tool can be used in drawing selections around the part of your image, but it is best in making a rough selection and not a precise one. The polygonal lasso tool creates a straight-line selection, the magnetic lasso tool follows the edge of an object in your image.

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Magic Wand Tool
Adobe Photoshop CC Full Guide- Easy Way For Beginners 1

This tool selects portions of your image with colors that look alike. This tool can be accessed by typing ‘W’ when visible, if it is not visible, a click on the quick selection tool will do the magic of bringing out the magic wand tool which you can select from the dropdown.

The magic wand tool will select the entire area of a color when you click on a particular color portion on your image with the tool.

Selection by magic wand

Quick Selection Tool
Quick Selection Tool

The quick selection tool selects object in your image by interpretation and selection along well-defined edges in the image. A click and hold on the magic wand tool will make it visible and it can be accessed by typing ‘W’ when the tool is visible.

This tool appears as a + sign enclosed in a small circle. When you place your cursor at an area you want to select, a click on that area will select a portion of your image with defined edges.

Crop Tool
Crop Tool

The crop tool allows rotation and cropping of your image along a defined parameter. The tool is useful if you have a number of images you want to make of the same orientation and size.

This tool can be accessed by typing ‘C’ when it is visible in the toolbar or by clicking on the slide select tool or perspective crop tool when it is not visible.

The crop tool can be controlled at the top of the application window where you can use the crop tool settings in selecting the width × height × revolution of your cropped image, then click anywhere on the image to see the cropped edged image.

Eyedropper Tool
Eyedropper Tool

This tool is used in selecting a specific color within your image to set as a foreground color, it can be found behind the color sampler tool or the material eye dropper tool which is why it can be accessed by a click and hold on any of the two tools if it is not visible. If the eye dropper tool is visible, it can be accessed through its shortcut key ‘I’

When you select the eye dropper tool, the color of any spot you click within your image is going to appear automatically as your new foreground color.

The eyedropper tool is useful when a color is needed to be pulled from one image and applied on another one.

Brush Tool and Eraser Tool
Brush Tool

(Brush Tool)

Eraser Tool

(Eraser Tool)

Just as the name implies, the brush tool is used in painting on images while the eraser tool is used in erasing part of your image.

This tool can be found behind the pencil tool if it is not visible on the tool bar and it can be accessed by a click and hold on the pencil tool. If this tool is visible, typing ‘B’ will give you access to it.

The brush tool varies in size, shape, hardness and opacity, and these variations can be selected at the top of the application window.

To paint your image with the brush tool, click and drag your cursor over the image once the tool is selected, the brush tool will paint the foreground color on the image within the layer you selected.

The eraser tool also works the same way the brush tool does, and it can be accessed when the letter E is typed.

When the eraser tool is used on an image, the background color will appear on the areas you erased on the image.

Magic Eraser Tool
Magic Eraser Tool

(Magic Eraser Tool)

This tool erases similar pixels from an image just as the magic wand tool does the selection of similar pixels in an image.

The magic eraser tool can also be found if not visible, by clicking on the eraser tool or typing E. to use this tool, click on that part of the image you want to remove, if all the pixels are of the same color, the magic eraser tool will get them all erased in one click.

The tolerance of this tool can also be adjusted to select a wider or smaller range of pixels at the top of the application window, just like the magic wand tool.

This tool is needed when there is a need to remove a background from an existing image or when the portion of an image is to be removed.

Clone Stamp Tool

Clone Stamp Tool
Clone Stamp

The clone stamp tool will permit you to select a portion of your image and replicate it into another portion of your image on the same layer. The tool is hidden behind the pattern stamp tool if it is not visible, and it can be accessed with the ‘S’ key if it is visible.

This tool can be adjusted just like the brush and eraser tools- specify your values at the top of the application window.

This tool can be used in creating several copies of a single image or to remove blemishes on the surface of an image or picture.

Healing Brush Tool
Healing Brush Tool

This tool selects a particular area of your image and get it blended into another area of the image within the same layer. If the tool cannot be seen, then it is hiding behind the patch tool, but if it is visible, press the ‘J’ key and the healing brush tool will be accessible.

The healing brush tool examines the original portion of the image and paint it on the new area of the image, and it blends the pixels together too. This tool is better than the clone stamp tool in removing blemishes from pictures.

Adobe Photoshop CC Full Guide- Easy Way For Beginners 2

Dodge Tool And Burn Tool
Adobe Photoshop CC Full Guide- Easy Way For Beginners 3

(Dodge Tool)

Adobe Photoshop CC Full Guide- Easy Way For Beginners 4

(Burn Tool)

The dodge tools lighten up the pixels in an image.

Adobe Photoshop CC Full Guide- Easy Way For Beginners 5

while the burn tool darkens it.

Adobe Photoshop CC Full Guide- Easy Way For Beginners 6

You can use these tools in painting your image just like the brush tool. The dodge and burn tool share a space on the tool bar, but they can be hidden behind the sponge tool. The dodge or burn tool can be accessed by pressing the ‘O’ key whenever it is visible.

Hand Tool
Hand Tool

The hand tool moves the particular portion of image you are currently looking at. It works if you have zoomed an image out enough that a part of the image is no longer visible. The hand tool can be accessed quickly by pressing the ‘H’ key.

This tool is useful when you zoom into a portion of an image and you will like to view another portion of the same image without you zooming out.

Zoom Tool
Zoom Tool

The zoom tool allows a quick zoom in and out of your image. It can be accessed by typing the letter ‘Z’

To use the zoom tool, click on the image area you want to zoom. Hold the ALT key or OPTION on mac down with a click on the zoom tool to zoom out.

Additional Features On The Adobe Photoshop CC 2023

The adobe Photoshop CC 2019 has some new features which will improve your user experience. They include;

Home Screen

The adobe Photoshop CC 2023 features a new home screen that is of help to all level of Photoshop users. As a beginner, click on the take tour button for a display of a guided tour on the Photoshop interface.

Learn Panel

The learn panel will guide you through a series of user tutorials with step by step directions and images on getting used to the software. It can be accessed by clicking on window > Learn.


The ctrl + Z on the windows and command + Z on Mac can be used as undo shortcut on the Photoshop CC 2023

Blending Mode

The blending mode is available in a dropdown which will allow you to scroll over it to see how they look in your image.

Content Aware Fill Workspace

The content aware fill workspace gives you complete control over the pixel Photoshop takes it sample from, how it output the fill and applies the fill algorithm.

Task Space Keyboard Shortcut

It allows you to modify the shortcut keys for select and mask workspace. Click on edit> keyboards shortcut. Choose the task space from the menu shortcut, then expand the select and mask to edit the shortcut.

Lock Workspace

Adobe Photoshop CC 2023 now allows you to lock your workspace to prevent the panels moving around accidentally. Go to windows > workspace> lock work space to prevent repositioning of your panels.

Math in Number Fields

You can perform simple arithmetic in number fields on your Photoshop CC 2023. In any input that accept values in numbers, you can type the multiple of your value to get your desired result.

For example, 500/5 when entered in the field gets calculated and gets 100 as the final input value in the field

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Distribute Spacing

This version of Photoshop allows you to distribute spacing between your objects and get even spacing using the edges of the objects.

Double Click to Edit Text

You can click twice in a text layer with the move tool to edit it.

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Flip Canvas View Horizontally

Adobe Photoshop CC 2023 now give option to flip your canvas horizontally. Go to view > flip horizontal to view your image in a flipped version whenever you want to see your image in a different view and take note of mistakes.

Learn more about latest few features of adobe photoshop which recently included, visit adobe website. Also few more interesting features here which i liked very much in last edition. 

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