What Is Clipping Path In Photoshop | Best Image Editing Tool 2

What Is Clipping Path In Photoshop | Best Image Editing Tool

Clipping path is a vector path or pattern that is used to cut or edit an image to produce the right shape. It is keeping the images that are inside of the path and other portion extracted from the images.

There are several uses of the pen tool or lasso tool in clipping path Photoshop. Interestingly, it is used to carry out a Photoshop technique known as clipping path. It is actually a closed vector path, or shape, which is used to cut out an image in a Photoshop. Furthermore, it is used when the subject of an image cutout has smooth, sharp edges allowing to stay straight.

If done poorly, an image that doesn’t look real or natural would be created. With today’s e-commerce competition, you definitely would want a good product photo out there.

87% of people online decide on purchasing a product based on the image quality. Nobody wants to purchase a poor-looking product. Product Photographers and E-commerce business owners always want to bring the best possible look of a product.

Are you also interested to know about the best Photo Editing method to promote eCommerce product image? Clipping Path Service is the solution here. It will allow you to represent E-commerce products with an attractive look. Are you feeling interested to know more about Clipping Path? You have landed in the perfect place.

After reading this article, you will get all of your answers related to the clipping path. You will learn how to create a clipping path in Photoshop. Besides, I am going to inform you about different types of clipping paths and why clipping path is important.

So without making any delay, let’s jump on the topic.

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Clipping Path Tutorial – How To Create A Clipping Path In Photoshop

 You can create a clipping path in Photoshop by following the 7 easy steps provided below.



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Step-1: Open The Image

To begin the tutorial of Photoshop clipping path, open the image in Photoshop. You can directly drag the image on Photoshop or you can import an image from the “File>Open” option.

Here is my product photo.

What is clipping path

Step-2: Pick The Tool

Have you opened your product image in Photoshop? Alright, now we have to pick the tool that I talked about earlier. Yes, you have got it right. We are going to pick the pen tool in Photoshop. Here you go.

Pick The Tool

Step-3: Draw A Path

Now, we have got the pen tool enabled. What to do now? We need to draw paths around our E-commerce product. To do that zoom in the image 300%. It will bring more accuracy to the selection. You need to spend some amount of time on this step.

Draw A Path

Without proper path selection, you aren’t going to get a precise outcome. That’s why you have to make sure that you perform this step with perfection. Press and hold the mouse then drag it to make curved paths. Use ALT & CTRL keys to edit a created path.

Created Path

Carefully draw paths around the entire object and make sure that you have captured the product with the lines without missing any details or including anything from the background.

Step-4: Save The Path

Have you completed the path creation procedure? Now, we are going to save the path. Saving the clipping path in Photoshop is not a complicated process like clipping path creation. Go to the path from this option.

Save Path

Later on, Right-click on the path and select save the path. Here you can see the option.

Save The Path

Step-5: Clip The Path

Have you got the selection right? Alright, we are going to isolate the object from its main layer. To do that, double-click on the layer mask icon given below, and the existing background will be converted into a transparent background. You can also use this method to remove the background of any picture.

Add A Mask

So, we have got the background transparent and we can easily replace the background with any suitable background.

Step-6: Save As JPG

Now, we are going to save our files. Do you know the best file format to save a clipping path file? Well, I will recommend you save the file as Photoshop JPG or TIFF. The full meaning of JPG is Joint Photographic Expert Group or TIFF full meaning is Tagged Image File Format. From here, you can get the option.

Save As JPG or TIFF

Want to know about saving the file in this format? It will not keep the file editable. If you save the file in PNG, you will lose your created clipping path.

Step-7: Use The Image

Ultimately, you have created a clipping path in Photoshop and the image is ready to use. You have the option to change the background in Photoshop whenever you want. If you want to keep it in a plain color background, you can use the solid color option.

Solid Color

So, this was one of the best ways you can use to create a clipping path in Photoshop. Would you like to watch a video tutorial on how to create a clipping path in Photoshop? Here you go.

Here Is A Step By Step Video Tutorial Of Photoshop Clipping Path

We have come to the end of the tutorial of Photoshop clipping path.

Types of Clipping Path

Now, you can create a clipping path in Photoshop. But do you know about types of clipping paths? Depending on the object or product, the clipping path services are divided into four categories. Let’s know about those categories.

Basic Clipping Path

Let me start with the easiest category of clipping paths, it’s the basic clipping path. A basic clipping path is applied when your product has a simple shape. Professional graphics designers don’t have to spend much time on this type of path. Fewer anchor points are needed for this type of path. Want to know about the objects of the basic clipping path? Mobile and Book are examples of the basic clipping path.

The Professional Clipping Paths Service Providers Company, like Clipping Way, charges a small amount of money for the basic clipping path. You can expect a quick turnaround for these projects as the editing doesn’t need a long time. Clipping Way provides the best simple clipping path service at the lowest price.

Medium clipping Path

The medium clipping path is a bit tougher compared to the simple clipping path. To perform this clipping path you have to create more points. That’s why it takes longer than the previous one. Some jewelry ornaments, showpieces, dresses, toys, watches, etc. are considered as the medium clipping path. Designers have to spend more time on it. As it takes more time and effort, the charges are a bit higher. But this is not so much.

Looking for the best clipping path service for your objects? Clipping Way will bring you the solution. You can expect medium clipping path service at a reasonable price, maintaining top-notch quality.

Complex Clipping Path

This is an advanced type of clipping path. To create a clipping path for a complex object you need to have skill and expertise in the Photoshop pen tool. Lots of anchor points are needed for Complex clipping paths. If you are thinking about creating a complex clipping path, you have to spend nearly 1 hour. If you do not have enough time, you can outsource your images to Clipping Way for the best clipping path service.

CW understands the importance of image in E-commerce and provides supreme quality work. Bicycles, tires, trees, baskets are the example of a complex clipping path. You can ask for a free trial now to judge the quality of Clipping Way. You won’t be disappointed.

Super Complex Clipping Path

Here comes the super complex clipping path, the most advanced type of clipping path. Top-notch skills and experiences are needed to create super complex clipping paths. It may need nearly one hour or more than 1 hour to complete a super complex clipping path. Are you thinking about automatic ways you can use to create this type of clipping path? An automatic Clipping Path won’t give you a satisfying result. A single-layer path is not enough for this operation. Bicycles, heavy jewelry ornaments, fences, and groups of complex objects are some examples of super complex clipping paths.

100% hand-drawn clipping path from an experienced designer can make you feel satisfied. At this point, you can rely on Clipping Way. They have more than 100 highly qualified and experienced designers to take care of your E-commerce Product Photo Editing. CW will offer you the best price. You should have a try.



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Image Cutout Service

Are you familiar with the image cutout service? The motive is similar for the clipping path and image cutout. Professional graphics designers want to isolate or separate a product from its original background through clipping path and image cutout. Designers need to apply both techniques to remove the background. Most importantly, you can use those techniques to draw attention.

Image Cutout Service is used for products like umbrellas, shoes, cups, mugs, Mobile Phones, Cameras, and Vehicles, etc. Whenever you want to draw the attention of the viewers, you have to remove the background. You can get the service from Clipping Way with a 100% money-back guarantee. So, you don’t have to worry about the service quality.

Deep Etching

The deep etching service is closely connected with the clipping path in Photoshop. With the assistance of deep etching, you can separate unexpected elements from a picture. Sometimes, we want to keep a picture focusing on a specific product. If some unexpected element remains in the frame, it may divert the attention of the viewers.

To get rid of these unexpected scenarios, a deep etching service is needed. CW has more than one hundred qualified designers who are specialists in Deep Etching. Deep etching services are needed for Jewelry items, clothing products, fashion accessories, furniture, and machine accessories. CW is available 24/7 to provide you the best deep etching service. You can try it now.

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 How Does The Clipping Path Works?

You know about the clipping path in detail. Have you ever wondered how the Clipping Path works and why this method is so effective to draw attention? Let me clarify your thoughts.

Clipping Path Service In The Business Industry

The clipping path has brought a new revolution for E-commerce Image Editing. It has a positive impact on the business industry. In any type of business, getting attention from potential customers is important. That’s why we should always use a suitable background with the product image.

That is not as easy as it sounds. Photographers, E-commerce business owners, and Managers have to capture lots of images daily. Changing the background each time for a specific product is not so easy and takes a lot of time. Clipping path service can take you out of this problem and give you many more advantages.

You don’t have to look for a suitable background each time you capture a photo. You can capture the product photos in any background and you can send your images to the Professional Photo Editing Service Provider companies like Clipping Way. They will apply the clipping path service on your images and your images will get rid of unsuitable background and elements. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Clipping Path vs. Masking: What’s The Difference?

Many of you get confused about the Clipping Path and Image Masking. After reading this section, all of your confusion will be clarified. I am going to inform you briefly about the difference between Clipping Path and Photoshop Image Masking.

Image masking is the solution for objects having hair, fur, and transparency. The working procedure is totally different for this. We have learned that we use the Pen tool for creating a clipping path in Photoshop. For image masking, we don’t have to create any vector lines or paths around the image. Which tools are used for Photoshop image masking? Designers use the Background Eraser Tool, Magic Eraser, Image Masking option, and Color Range Selection for creating masks in Photoshop.

A clipping path can remove the background from an image. Image masking can perform both hiding and revealing the background. We can also remove the background using the Photoshop image masking technique. But, the procedure is not like creating lines around the object.

Here is the main difference between clipping path and masking. Using the pen tool we can select hair, fur, and transparent objects properly. The Masking technique is effective for these objects. Only the pen tool is used for creating a clipping path in Photoshop. Professional Photo Editors need to combine several tools to perform image masking. Have you got the points? I think so.

Before we finish, I would like to tell you about the importance of a Photoshop Clipping Path. Then, you will get a better understanding of which background to use for your product photos.

Why is the Clipping Path important?

# Great Marketing Communication

Clipping Path is an excellent marketing method for product photography. It helps the business owner to get more engagement. More engagement increases the chances of getting more sales and generating more revenue. Your targeted customers will be more animated to connect with your business.

# Removes Background

The Clipping Path Service is a great method to remove background from an image. You can remove the background in many ways. The clipping path gives you the guarantee of removing the background without losing any details of your e-commerce product. So, this is the safest option.

# Create A Professional Image

Have a look at those 2 images.

Clipping Path

The 2nd image is looking way more professional compared to the first one. 10 out of the 10 customers are going to like the 2nd photo. In that way, clipping paths bring a professional look to an image. It makes an image more professional and trustworthy. Want to achieve this benefit? Let’s get a free trial.

# Professional Engagement

 As clipping paths improve the overall look of a product photo, more people are likely to get engaged with those photos. So, you will get more professional engagement from targeted customers that will bring more opportunities to your business. Are you ready to get more professional engagement? Try out the clipping path service now.

# 3X Sales Value

Along with professional engagement, the clipping path service increases sales up to 3x times more than before. Every business owner and manager wants to increase their sales. You can grab this opportunity with the assistance of Clipping Path. You will be way ahead of your competitors. Would you like to increase your sales? You should try this professional image editing service. You will find its specialty.

# Upgrade the Image Shape

Last but not the least, most of the time raw product images don’t look fit with their original shape. Have you ever tried the Clipping Path Service? It upgrades the image shape and there is no way of losing attention. Lots of successful E-commerce platforms around the world are using the clipping path technique for their product image. If you haven’t tried the service before, you should take the service now before it becomes too late.



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Final Words

We have come to the end of the article about what a clipping path is. In the above, I have provided the complete guideline on how to create a clipping path in Photoshop. Besides, I’ve told you about different types of clipping paths and the importance of clipping paths. Through this article, I’ve tried to unleash all the answers related to the clipping path.

Is there anything else that we can help you with E-commerce Photo Editing? Feel free to contact us. Clipping Way is devoted to providing the best photo editing service at a reasonable price. Stay with us to get regular updates about Photo Editing and.

Wish you all the best. Thanks for being with us.


Frequently Ask Questions


Q: What Does A Clipping Path Do?

A: A clipping path separates an item or product from its previous background.


Q: What Is The Basic Clipping Path?

A: Basic clipping path is the easiest type of clipping path with fewer anchor points.


Q: How Do I Use The Clipping Path In Photoshop?

A: You need to pick the pen tool for using the clipping path.


Q: How Do You Create A Clipping Path In Photoshop CC?

A: With the assistance of the pen tool, you can create a clipping path in Photoshop CC.


Q: How Do I Create A Clipping Path In Photoshop 7?

A: You need to pick the pen tool in Photoshop 7.


Q: How Do You Create A Clipping Mask?

A: To create a clipping mask you have to mask a specific portion and then select the clipping mask.


Q: How Does A Clipping Mask Work?

A: Clipping mask allows the user to use any element of a layer for masking.


Q: Why Is My Clipping Mask Turning White?

A: If the image is too complicated the clipping mask might turn white.


Q: Why Does My Image Disappear When I Create A Clipping Mask?

A: If the below layer contains an overlay, the image will disappear.


Q: What Clipping Means?

A: Clipping is the alternative to trimming.

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