what does reserved mean on poshmark

What Does Reserved Mean On Poshmark?

While shopping on Poshmark, you may get confused by seeing a yellow flag on the product listing. Have you just seen the “Reserved” tag on a product that you want to purchase and discover its real meaning?

In this article, we are going to reveal what does reserved mean on Poshmark. Also, I will inform you of the process of how to manually reserve a product.

Through this article, we are going to cover all essential queries related to reserving a product on Poshmark. Alongside this, you will get to know about the Product Photo Editing for Ecommerce business.

What Does Reserved On Poshmark Mean?

It appears on a yellow flag at the bottom of the product. You might be wondering how long does it appear? Well, it stays for 10 minutes when someone is in the process of purchasing that product.

If the potential buyer changes his mind and skips the product, the reserved button will disappear from the product.

The tag “Reserved” on Poshmark indicates that a buyer is trying to purchase the product. When a buyer clicks on the buy option, the reserved marks appear on the product for other potential buyers.

We can compare this feature with a real shopping experience. When you show interest to purchase an only available item, other customers have to wait until you return the item.

If you purchase the product, the item won’t be available for others as it was the single product left. The Reserved option is also like holding a product for a specific buyer who has shown his interest earlier.

This is the actual meaning of “Reserved” on Poshmark. Sellers can also put the reserved tag on a product for various reasons. Do you want to know the reason behind that?

Let’s explore.

Why Do Sellers Reserve Items On Poshmark?

what does reserved mean

An Ongoing Negotiation

When a customer makes an offer to purchase an item, the seller can reserve the product to hold it. If the negotiation completes in a positive way, the product will be sold out. Otherwise, the seller will remove the reserved mark to make the product available again.

Waiting for Payment

In some cases, the product has been sold out already and the seller is waiting to receive the payment. In such a situation, the seller may reserve the item until he receives the payment.

After getting the payment, the item will be declared as “Sold out”. He can also make the product available if he doesn’t receive the payment.

Include Products In Bundle Discounts

Sellers can create bundle discounts offered for selected items. To include items in that bundle discounts offer, sellers can reserve some products. It allows potential buyers to purchase several products from a buyer at a discounted price. It ensures availability while the buyer finalizes their selection.

How Does Reserved Work On Poshmark?

When a seller reserves an item on Poshmark, it indicates that the product is temporarily taken off the market. Therefore, It will not appear in searches for purchase by other potential sellers. But, the reserved item will still be visible on the seller’s profile. The “Reserved” tag separates the product from other available products.

In general, a reserved item remains in this state for around 10 minutes. During this time, the seller and potential buyer can continue their negotiations to complete the transaction.

Sometimes, they may decide not to proceed. If the transaction falls through, the seller can remove the reservation anytime. It will add the item for sale again to the available list.

Poshmark has set some guidelines for sellers to keep communication open between buyers and sellers. Their team always encourages the sellers to maintain transparency. Therefore, sellers should follow some specific guidelines when it comes to reserving items.

How To Manually Reserve An Item On Poshmark?

You can’t directly make a reservation for an item on Poshmark. Then, how can you reserve an item? You have to go to the product listing page and click on the edit option.

Then you have to select “Mark as Not for Sale”. To remove the item from the reservation list, you have to select “Mark As Available”. You will get that option within the “Edit” option from the listing details. You can also use the Poshmark app to do it.

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Guidelines to Follow While Reserving Items on Poshmark


Honesty should be the first priority of Poshmark sellers. They should clearly communicate the reservation status of an item. The same thing will be applicable for the duration. At the same time, it’s important to keep the potential buyer informed about the final deal. Sellers should avoid any misunderstandings.


This guideline is applicable to both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you should only ask a seller to reserve an item if you genuinely intend to purchase it. It can be frustrating to reserve an item and then cancel it. Also, it will be inconvenient for other probable customers.


Last but not the least; you should maintain the expected time frame. It would be great to respond to messages quickly. It will make the experience better for sellers and buyers. It will assist to finalize a deal efficiently. If you’ve reserved an item, you should complete the transaction within the mentioned time.


At this stage, do you have anything else to know about what reserved mean on Poshmark? Hopefully, you have got all the answers that you would like to know.

However, you can let us know in the comment box if you have any more queries. From now on, you should not be confused when you notice the “Reserved” yellow flag on Poshmark.


How long does an item stay reserved on Poshmark?

The actual duration of a reserved item depends on the agreement between the buyer and seller. In general, an item stay reserved for 10 minutes.

Can I reserve an item on Poshmark?

You can not directly reserve an item on Poshmark. If you make an offer to the seller to purchase the item, he can reserve the item based on your agreement.

Why do sellers reserve items on Poshmark?

Sellers reserve items to hold them for a specific buyer who has expressed interest in purchasing the item. It ensures that the buyer gets a chance to complete the transaction before someone else can buy it.

Can a reserved item still be purchased by someone else?

No, reserved items are temporarily unavailable for other buyers to purchase. It is not possible to purchase a reserved item from other buyers.

What happens if a buyer doesn’t purchase a reserved item?

If a buyer doesn’t complete the purchase of a reserved item, the seller will remove the reservation and make the item available for other buyers to purchase.

Can a seller cancel a reservation on Poshmark?

Yes, a seller can cancel a reservation on Poshmark if the buyer fails to complete the purchase within the mentioned time. Then, the item will be available for other buyers.

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