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Mmm, it seems that you are connected with Photography. Are you a photographer and used to capturing beautiful photos for your clients? Who doesn’t like to get professionally edited photos?

It’s obvious that your clients are also looking for professionally edited images. But do you know; How Much to Charge to Edit Photos or how much should be the photo editing clipping path prices?

Fortunately, you can generate a pretty good amount by providing Outsourcing Photo Editing. Are you wondering how to do that?

You have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss how to charge for Photo Editing along with some effective tips to grow your Photography Business. Getting excited to know about Photography Price Ranges?

Without making any further delay, let’s get started.

How to Charge for Photo Editing: A Guide to Setting Rates?

In the beginning, allow me to inform you that different types of Photo Editing Services are available and charges are also different for each category.

So, there are different ranges for different types of Photo Editing Services. Permit me to share different types of photo editing procedures with you so that you can understand the differences.

Basic Photo Editing

Charges for basic photo editing services are the lowest compared to other categories. You might be thinking about which types of Photo Editing can be considered as basic Photo Editing.

Well, let me clarify your thoughts. Basic adjustments in the color correction, cropping, resizing are considered as basic photo editing. This type of photo editing doesn’t need too much time and effort.

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching can be considered as the medium level of photo editing. Though, there are some varieties available in Photo Retouching Service. This needs much more skill, time, and effort compared to basic Photo Editing. Retouching is much needed for e-commerce product Photography.

Advance Photo Editing

Advance Photo editing needs the highest effort, skill, and technique. High-end retouching is an example of Advanced Photo Editing. Sometimes, it also depends on the object of the image.

Editing complex objects take too much time and effort. That’s why charges are high for Advance Photo Editing. Along with retouching, complex background removal and complex Clipping Path Can be considered as advanced Photo Editing.

At this point, you have got an idea about different types of Photo Editing services. Now, I am going to reveal how to set photo editing rates that bring the most benefit for a photographer.

how much to charge to edit photos

How to Calculate Photo Editing Rates?

Multiple methods are available for calculating Photo Editing Rates. Through this article, we are going to discuss how to calculate Photo Editing Rates based on three key factors.

You can set photo editing rates based on the Hour, Projects, and the number of images. Which one will be the best option for you? You will be able to decide this after getting to know about these individual categories. So, let’s jump onto it.

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Photo Editing Rates by The Hour

Are you looking for the easiest option for setting Photo Editing Rates? Then, you can choose the photo editing rates by the hour option. Let me remind you that it is the easiest option but not the best option to follow as a freelance Photo Editor. Are you wondering why?

Fine, your client might not have the right idea about how much time it takes to professionally edit a photo. Suppose you spend one hour on a Photo for high-end retouching.

But, your client doesn’t have the idea that it can take too much time and he expects fast delivery from you.

As you have spent more time, you can expect higher rates. Ultimately, the result might be disappointing for both of you. That’s why before going into a Photo Editing Service deal based on the hour, you should openly discuss the average time that you require for editing an image.

Want to know how much time professional photographers spend on Photo Editing? On average, a professional Photographer spends around 30 minutes per Photo for E-commerce product Photo Editing.

Photo Editing Rates by Project

This is a smart way to deal with your clients for Photo Editing charges. In this method, time doesn’t matter for both of you and your client. The method is setting up a specific amount by discussing it with your clients.

You should also fix the turnaround time. As the price and turn-around times are fixed according to both parties’ decisions, both of you should be happy with the ultimate result.

Many professional Photo Editors charge for photo editing based on the projects. Before going into that type of deal, you should know how many images you need to edit, which types of image editing service they are looking for, and how much time you need to edit the photos.

Calculating all of those, ask for a decent price. You should remember that don’t ask for a high price considering the market is neither too low. You should keep the range decent and beneficial for both. I hope that you have got my point, haven’t you?

Photo Editing Rates by Image

Want to get introduced to the most professional way of charging for Photo Editing Rates? Then, Photo editing rates by images will be the best option for you.

In this method, you need to set a fixed rate per image. This is the most clear-cut way to set prices for editing Photos. So, it will be favorable for both sides.

When you are setting photo editing rates by images you should set specific rates for different categories. Suppose you are providing Background Removal Services and Deep Etching Service.

You have to invest different amounts of effort and time for each category. So depending on those, you should set different Photo Editing Prices.

In that case, you can keep packages of 50 or 100 images and set a discount on large orders. It will impress your audience and will be beneficial to boost up your Photo editing business.

So, that was the three most popular methods of how to calculate photo editing rates. Now, you have to take some time to think and decide which method will be the best option for you.

I want to remind you that don’t set the price too high or too low. Both can be the cause of losing your potential customers.

At this point, do you want to dive a little more insight? Let’s know about how to price freelance photo editing.

How to Price Freelance Photo Editing?

If you are connected with Photography, you should learn how to price Freelance Photo Editing. For example, you are connected with e-commerce product photography. To beat your competitors and attract potential customers, you should keep an eye on setting the best price for photo editing.

Setting Pricing Structure

As a freelance photo editor, you need to set the proper pricing structure. Basically, you should focus on three key facts. These are: studying the market, choosing a specific industry, and setting decent photo editing rates. These three things will assist you in the long run of your Photo Editing Career.

Target the Industry and Location

Many beginners photo editors made the mistake of not targeting a specific industry. Thankfully, you have known about it and shouldn’t repeat the mistake. An example will make it clear to you. Suppose you are looking for a Car Photo Editor. Now, you have two options. Option A, you can hire editors who randomly edit any type of photo. Option B, you can hire a photo editor who only edits car photos.

8 people out of the 10 will choose option B. That’s the advantage of picking a specific industry. It increases the possibilities of getting more opportunities to express your talent, isn’t it good? I think so.


Location is also a key factor for freelance photo Editors but unfortunately, many photographers overlook it. In the United States, average wages are different in individual states.

In the USA, States like California, Massachusetts, New York, Washington DC had the highest average income. On the other hand, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Arizona have the lowest average income.

So, if you target the states with the highest average income, it will increase the chances of generating more revenue. Have you got the point? Targeting the correct industry and location will help you in growing your freelance photo editing career.

While setting your freelance photo editing price, you should consider the average wages of your targeted locations. Otherwise, you may lose your potential customers.

Now, you should have got clear information about how to charge for freelance photo editing services. What about the pricing of Photography? Want to know about the photography pricing? Let me inform you about it briefly.

Photography Pricing – How Much do Photographers Charge?

At the very first, I would like to inform you that depending on the skill and experiences Photographer’s average income varies. I am going to inform you of the standard amount of how much do photographers charge?

Let’s start with the beginners. A beginner photographer charges around $1 to $50 per hour or $5 to $25 per image.

An Amateur Photographer takes around $25 to $100 per hour based on his skill and types of photography. Want to know the photography prices per image? It’s $25 to $50.

Then, it comes to the student photographers who have some decent knowledge of photography. They charge around $50 to $100 per hour according to their expertise level. Also, student photographers charge around $25 to $100 per image.

Want to know about the charges of Semi-Pro Photographers? Alright, they take approximately $75 to $150 per hour and $50 to $150 per image.

You might be waiting to get to know about the professional Photographer’s average charges. It’s approximately $100 to $300 per hour and $75 to $350 per image.

So, you have got the idea about Photography Average pricing in the USA. Some photographers who have vast experience in Photography charge even more than I have mentioned above.

Freelance Photography Prices

Do you have an interest in freelance photography? Willing to know how much you can earn as a freelance photographer? Okay, let me tell you.

Depending on your expertise level, you can charge around 25 USD to 150 USD. This is just an average standard income. Your actual earning can be lower or higher depending on your niche, location, and expertise level.

Beginners Photographers Prices

Are you new to Photography or thinking about starting a photography business? As I have mentioned earlier, you can charge approximately 25 USD to 100 USD per hour. Along with the time, you will gather more experiences. Then, you can increase the amount.

When you are at the beginner level, you should focus on quality rather than quantity so that you can create an amazing portfolio. That will help you to get more work in the long run.

Generally, Photographers have a tight schedule, that’s why they don’t get enough time to edit their photos. In that case, taking online photo editing services can be a great solution.

Our Photo Editing Service Charges

Clipping Way provides professional Photo Editing Services. Want to know about our service charges? You can ask for a quote now to get the best pricing. We have specialist photo editors for specific categories. You can have a try now with a free trial. It won’t cost you anything.


So, we have come to the end. Hopefully, you have learned how much you should charge for editing photos. To get regular updates on photography tips and Photo editing tricks, keep in touch with Clipping Way.

For any queries related to image editing, feel free to contact us. You can click on “ask for a quote”, to get our Professional Photo Editing Services at a reasonable price. Thanks for being here.


How much should i charge for retouching photos?

You can charge up to $25 per image depending on your skill and experience.

How much should i charge for editing?

You can charge around $0.20 to $0.25 considering the image editing category.

How much should i charge to edit wedding photos?

The average fee for the wedding photo is approximately $0.5 per photo.

How much money can you make editing photos?

You can make around $40k per year.

Can i earn money by editing photos?

Yes, you can earn money by editing photos.

Can i earn money with photoshop?

Yes, you can earn money by editing photos in Photoshop.

Can i learn photoshop on my own?

Yes, you can learn Photoshop on your own from YouTube and Photo Editing Blogs.

Is photoshop difficult to learn?

If you practice properly, Photoshop isn’t very difficult to learn.

How much does photoshop cost?

Adobe Photoshop costs $20.99 per month.

Can i buy adobe photoshop permanently?

No, you can buy Photoshop on a monthly and yearly basis.

Is photoshop worth buying?

Considering the Photo Editing facilities it provides, it is worth buying

Is there a one-time payment for photoshop?

No, there is no one-time payment for Photoshop.

How can i get photoshop without paying monthly?

You can take Adobe’s Free Trial option.

How can i download photoshop without paying?

You can download Photoshop for a free trial.

Is there a free version of photoshop?

No, there is no free version available of Photoshop.

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