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How To Use The Magic Wand Tool In Photoshop? Easy Step

Photoshop offers a lot of selection tools which magic wand tool is among. This image editing tool, has also been called magic wand because it has a shape similar to one, is part of the selection tools that has existed for a long time on Photoshop.

This amazing tool makes selection of pixels based on their color and tone, unlike some of the tools that depend on shapes or detection of the edges of objects before it selects pixels. It has the ability to select small and precise areas to very large ones and also general areas too with respect to the settings chosen.

Though it might take a while to get used to working with this image background remove tool on Photoshop, it should definitely be an indispensable tool in working on graphics and pictures.

What Does The Magic Wand Tool Do In Photoshop?

This tool selects an area on the image to be edited on Photoshop based on its tone and color, it finds and detect match for any pixels clicked on Photoshop using the tool.
You can decide to select pixels that share a common border with its option or make an attempt of allowing Photoshop detect all pixels within the image.

Photoshop, with the help of this unique tool helps find shades that match within an image, this can be of a great help whenever a specific color needs to be altered throughout the entire project you are working on. If you need professional image cutout service for your e-commerce website than feel free to visit this website for free trial option.

The ability to adjust the tolerance of this tool also makes it a very useful feature on Photoshop, directives can be given to Photoshop to have a more precise threshold of colors.



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Where Is This Tool In Photoshop?

If the version of the Photoshop you use is the CS2 or an earlier version, the magic wand tool can be selected by a simple click on its icon in the tool palette.
In the CS3 version and the versions after, the tool is nested behind the quick selection tool

Where is this tool in Photoshop?

The Tool Tolerance

The tolerance value of this tool controls the range of color and tone you will like to select according to the area you clicked. Setting the tolerance value is another way of showing the selections you will like to make to Photoshop. The tolerance value governs the range, the lower the tolerance value, the smaller the range and vice versa.

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For instance, if I keep the tolerance level at the default level, 32 will be a signal to Photoshop to deviate from the color and tone of the pixel clicked on at 32 brightness level.  This shows I will be within the range of 64 out of all 256 available level of brightness, 32 on one side of the clicked pixel and on the other side as well.

The tool tolerance
If I get this value to be reduced to 1, a very small range will be selected and a very large range when adjusted to 256

The Tool Shortcut

This tool is placed on the left side of the screen in the tool palette and it can also be chosen using the “W” shortcut key.  It might be hidden behind the quick selection tool if it is not visible, a click and hold on the quick selection tool will choose the magic wand tool.

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How To Use Magic Wand Tool In Photoshop

This Photoshop tool selects based on similarities in color. Its working feature are the same on all adobe Photoshop’s latest version such as the creative cloud (CC), CS5 and CS6
To work with this unique tool;

The first thing to do is to click the file icon and then click open to navigate to the image you want to edit. Then go back to the file icon and click on save as to rename the file so that you will be sure you kept the original copy of the image.

How to use magic wand tool in Photoshop
Then go to the toolbar and long click the quick selection tool to choose the tool
Once this tool is chosen, you should click on the area you want to select and release it immediately, this will select most of the areas that has similar colors with the area you clicked on.

How to use magic wand tool in Photoshop
If you notice any unselected area left, hold down the shift key and click on the unselected area.



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A small plus sign will appear next to the cursor when the shift key is held down which is an indication that you are adding to the selection.

How to use magic wand tool in Photoshop
The ALT key on a pc and OPTION key on a mac always produces a minus sign in the cursor which allows subtraction from a the selections you have made.

magic wand tool in Photoshop
If you want to flip the selected area, go to the select menu and click on the inverse icon to select the object in the image. The inversing technique is very useful in isolating an image area against a background color that is solid and uniform.

Magic Wand Tool inverse
Zoom in the object and click on the filter and sharpen menu, then you will select unsharp mask. You should enter your desired value in the unsharp mask dialogue box to increase the highlight and shadow effect of the image. The numbers can still be adjusted accordingly to suit your taste.

Magic Wand Tool sharpen
Then toggle the preview on and off to see the difference between the original image and the edited one, then click ok.

Magic Wand Tool unsharp mask
The Magic Wand Tool Paint

The magic wand tool paint offers a very easy and quick way of selecting areas of an image with similar colors on the paint shop software. The paint shop software is also used in photo editing just like the Photoshop, but it has faster brushes and more precise selection tools which this amazing tool is included.
This tool is very helpful while working on high contrast images with a limited number of colors with the tolerance field adjusted to taste.

The Magic Wand Tool Illustrator

The illustrator software works with Photoshop and allows the creating and editing of graphics and images as defined by mathematical curves and not pixels. The graphics edited by the illustrator software retains their quality and resolution irrespective of the adjusted scales and editing.
This tool works better on objects with gradients, shadings and complicated patterns on the illustrator software.



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In conclusion, the magic wand tool is a very useful and indispensable tool in achieving selections and modifications which are almost always not possible to achieve using the manual method. A good understanding, exploration and use of the various options available will avail you the opportunity to create your selections accurately and have a sparkling graphics with finesse, gotten with very little invested time and effort.

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