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How to Photograph Jewelry for Etsy- 7 Golden Tips to Follow in 2024

Most Etsy sellers are confused learn how to photograph jewelry for Etsy. If you are running your shop on Etsy, you may know how important it is to promote jewelry items with the best possible look. Jewelry photography plays a vital role in that.

Do you want to get the best solution for capturing jewelry items?

This article is going to be helpful to grow your shops with the best-looking jewelry photos. I am going to inform you of the 7 golden tips on how to photograph jewelry for Etsy. By following those tips, you can make your jewelry collections look astonishing and fancy.

How to Photograph Jewelry for Etsy- 7 Golden Tips

1) Use White Background For The Primary Photo

It’s the primary photo of your jewelry product that determines whether a visitor will click on your item or not. Etsy sellers should be more careful about the primary product images.

Use White Background

The best practice will be to photograph earnings for etsy on a white background. You should use a white background for the primary photo. Some sellers tend to use lifestyle photography. Using lifestyle jewelry photos as the primary photo can distract potential buyers.

When you use a white background as the primary jewelry product image, it makes your jewelry collection look extra appealing. Alongside this, 71% of online buyers in the USA like to see products on a white background.

There won’t be any chance of getting distracted. That’s why all top-rated online sellers use a white background for product photography. You will notice the same thing in popular E-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

2) Photograph Your Jewelry Products From Different Angles

Etsy gives its sellers the option to upload up to 10 images per item. You should maximize this opportunity as much as possible. You need to provide a proper visual explanation of every jewelry item to potential buyers.

The more images you upload from different angles buyers will get a better visual sight of your product. It will influence them to make a buying decision. As a result, you will start getting more responses from buyers.

Products From Different Angles

So, you should try to cover 360 degrees of your product with several images. There should not be any confusion in viewers’ minds about how the jewelry item will look in real life.

You should showcase different angles of your products as the secondary image and other optional images. You can have a look at other top sellers to get an idea of how to photograph jewelry for Etsy from different angles.

3) Highlight Your Jewelry Design

As I have mentioned earlier, Etsy sellers can upload 10 images for each product. Even if you capture your product from various angles, you can express it with 4-5 images.

So, the question is what to showcase in the remaining frames. Well, you have to highlight your jewelry design with the remaining optional images. Perhaps, a buyer is looking for a particular design that matches your product.

Highlight Your Jewelry Design

If you don’t make buyers aware of the design, they might overlook the product. Do you want to reduce the chances of this type of thing happening? You should photograph your jewelry item in detail from a close distance.

The micro lens will be the perfect option for taking close shots in product photography. Overall, potential buyers should feel the actual look of the jewelry item after seeing the images.

4) Use Proper Lighting

Having proper lighting is compulsory to get better jewelry pictures for Etsy and other online stores. But you can’t rely on artificial lighting all the time.

Ornaments and jewelry products look naturally beautiful when captured in natural light. In that case, you have to be selective about the photoshoot time. For example, you will get the best light conditions at the beginning of noon. But you shouldn’t photograph jewelry products in direct sunlight.

Use Proper Lighting

Otherwise, your photograph will look pale or over-saturated. To avoid that, you can do the photoshoot beside a window. Also, you can use options like tracing paper or boxes.

If you do not get the expected results using sunlight, you can try using artificial light sources. You have to ensure that the jewelry product photo should be similar to its actual color

5) Use Suitable Background Texture

You have to use a white background as the primary image; it doesn’t mean that you need to do it for all 10 images. You can use suitable background textures in optional images.

Background textures are effective for increasing jewelry beauty. To achieve that mesmerizing look, you have to use a suitable texture that doesn’t look unclear with the product. Some textured background makes the design look complex and dull.

Use Suitable Background Texture

You should not use those types of textures as the background. There should be a contrast between the jewelry product and the background. It will make the design more eye-catchy.

So, you need to be selective while choosing background texture. It will be better to choose such a background that the color is different from the jewelry. 

6) Capture With Camera’s Manual Setting

It’s easier to shoot with an Automatic camera setting rather than applying manual settings. Beginner photographers often make a mistake by photographing jewelry items in Auto Camera Mode.

A professional photographer never captures images using Auto Mode. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to use the manual mode. You need to be used to Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO settings.

Camera Manual Setting

To capture jewelry products for Etsy, you have to set the aperture mode to F/4.5. This aperture allows you to enter sufficient light while capturing the image.

When you capture images from a longer distance, you can set the aperture a bit higher. To master those techniques, you have to capture images in Manual mode in different light conditions.

7) Edit Your Jewelry Photography

Last but not the least, you should edit your jewelry photos to make them look perfect. If you are willing to get top-notch jewelry photography for Etsy, there’s no other option rather than professional photo editing.

In the photo post-production process, you can eliminate minor mistakes and imperfections while photographing jewelry for Etsy. If you don’t have sufficient skill to do that, you can take Ecommerce Image Editing.

Edit Your Jewelry Photography

In this process, highly-skilled professional photographers will work on your jewelry photograph for Etsy. As a result, you will get the best version of your jewelry photography.

Moreover, it allows you to focus more on other tasks such as product promotion or advertising. So, you can save valuable time. Moreover, if you take professional image editing services from Clipping Way, they will offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

That was 7 Golden tips on how to photograph jewelry for Etsy. As a beginner, you might make some common mistakes that can ruin your photograph. In this section, I am going to make you aware of some such common mistakes.

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Jewelry Photography For Etsy

Do Not Capture in JPEGWhen you capture an image in JPEG, it will compress the information of that image. You should save your image in RAW format.
Do Not Apply Over-exposureOverexposure isn’t good at all for jewelry images. You should maintain the exposure at a standard level.
Do Not Apply Blur On The Jewelry ItemYou should not apply any type of blur directly to your product. For texture background, you can keep the blur on the background.


That’s all about how to photograph jewelry for Etsy. You should follow the tips and avoid the common mistakes that we have mentioned. Now, you can make your jewelry pictures look better than other sellers.

Do you have any more queries about product photography or product photo editing? Feel free to consult with our photo editing experts. Contact us now.


What kind of camera should i use to photograph jewelry for Etsy?

Any camera with manual settings and a macro lens will work well for photographing jewelry. A DSLR or mirror less camera is ideal for jewelry photography.

What kind of lighting should i use to capture jewelry items?

Natural light is the best option for jewelry photography. It will give you the most accurate representation of the jewelry’s color and texture.

How should i position the jewelry for the best photos?

The best way to photograph jewelry is to position it on a white or neutral background. Also, you should use a tripod to keep the camera steady.

How do i make the jewelry look shiny and polished in photos?

To make jewelry look shiny and polished in photos, you can use a soft cloth or microfiber towel to gently buff the surface of the jewelry before photographing it.

How do i edit jewelry photos to make them look their best?

When editing jewelry photos, be sure to adjust the white balance, exposure, and contrast to accurately represent the texture of the jewelry.

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