e-commerce product photography

Ultimate Guide to e-commerce product photography [2021 Update]

The photos of your products are by far one of the most important elements of your e-commerce website. In the eyes of consumers, the photos that value the products are the information that drives the most to buy, in front of the product description and the customer reviews. E-commerce Product Photography is the most important

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amazon product image requirements

Amazon Product Image Requirements 2022

89% of the online buyers of the United States prefer to buy products from Amazon rather than other E-commerce platforms. This stat reflects the popularity of Amazon. Amazon is not only popular in the USA, but also it is the leading E-commerce website across the world. Nearly 2.5 million sellers are active on Amazon. Undoubtedly,

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Importance of Clipping Path service

Importance of Clipping Path service in 2021

Importance of Clipping Path service: A clipping path is a path or shape that is applied to another object and masking the parts of the object that is out of the clipping path. To create more complex clipping paths than a path, an ellipse, or a rectangle, you can use individual tactics and a Combination

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Professional eCommerce Manager

Guide to Become A Professional eCommerce Manager

E-commerce Managers Role to Increase Sales of Online Business: Due to constant growth and even more exciting predictions for the future of E-commerce, the E-commerce manager has been gaining more and more prominence among professionals in the E-commerce industry. For that become is a Professional eCommerce Manager very necessary for the eCommerce business. This fact

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How to be a good photographer

Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

A photographer is that person who can get interesting snapshots of a very ordinary subject. Actually, this is called the photographer’s eye and a photographer must need to have this. Here we share a mix of tips for beginners and more advanced photographers alike. Learn how to be a good photographer? with this step-by-step best

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Multiple Clipping Path

Make Multiple Clipping Path in Photoshop

Creating multiple clipping paths is not that much easy. You have to be very much experienced with Photoshop to make it successfully. Here I will show you some easy techniques that can be helpful for creating multiple clipping paths.

At first, open the image in Adobe Photoshop. Now, you have to determine how many clipping path layers are needed to select each color separately. If there are five variants of colors, you have to create five clipping path layers. Now, let’s start with your project practically.

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Color correction tutorial

Color Correction Tutorial For Beginners-Step By Step Guide

You can use Hue/Saturation in the options menu to change the color of an image. Using this option is a piece of cake. All you have to do is move the cursor left or right to see the effect in the preview box. The saturation option lets you make image colors lighter or darker. This will make your photos more beautiful.

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Product retouching tutorial

Photoshop product retouching tutorial(Step By Step Guide)

Sometimes some dearest and special moments of our lives can be captured inaccurately. Photoshop is the solution in these cases. Color Correction, Adjustment of Brightness and Contrast, a bit of retouch and clipping path can make that unsatisfactory image perfect. So, I am here with this Product retouching tutorial. I will share some of my

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