how to change color of an Image in Photoshop

How to Change Color of An Image in Photoshop?

Color is one of the key components that make a photo perfect. For some reason, you might not get the perfect color while capturing photos.

It can be the object’s color or the background color that upset you sometimes. How would it be if you can how to change color of an Image in Photoshop to your choice? In this article, you are going to learn about it.

Using Photoshop you can change both the object’s color and the background color of an image. You can display your Ecommerce product imagery with the best look by following this technique.

In 2023, about 27% of the total population will be online shoppers. You can impress your potential customers by displaying attractive product images.

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How to Change Color of An Image in Photoshop?

Getting excited to know about the procedures? Without taking any time let’s get started.

Step 1: Make a selection of the color

First of all, we have to make a selection based on color. Open your picture in Photoshop and Press “SHIFT + CTRL +N” to create a new layer. Then, click on the new layer. Go to the “Select” option available on the top bar and click on the “Color Range” option from its menu.

Make a selection of the Color

It will bring the Color Range Selection window to your screen. Now, you have to define the color that you want to select. Let’s move to the 2nd step and do it.

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Step 2: Define color

We need to tell Photoshop which color to change. To indicate that, choose the ‘Sampled Colors” from the top of the list. You will find there other specific color options too.

But choosing the sampled color will give you more flexibility. You will understand it in later steps. Set the selection preview as “Grayscale”. What is the advantage of doing that?

You will be able to see real-time changes in the Grayscale view. It will make the selection procedure easier for you. Here, anything white is selected and the dark area is excluded from selection.

Define Color

Next to the Save option, you can see three types of selection options. To change color in Photoshop, use the combination of those three options. The first icon will enable a single color selection.

The second icon allows selecting multiple colors. The 3rd option is available for eliminating color from the selection. You also have to use the fuzziness option for turning your preferred color into Black and white.

Your job is to turn the color as white that you want to change. Keep the area black where you don’t want to change the color. In the above picture, I would like to change the t-shirt color in Photoshop. So, I have to keep the t-shirt in white.

After defining the color, I have got the object in this form. Press “OK” after making your basic selection.

How to change color of an Image in Photoshop

Though, the selection isn’t completed yet. We have to make the selection more precise in upcoming steps. Let’s see what to do in the 3rd step.

Step 3: Change the color of the object

Now, we are going to change color of an image in Photoshop. For doing that we have to take a new “Hue and Saturation Layer” based on the above selection. Go to the Layer option and click on the “New Adjustment Layer”. There you will find the “Hue and Saturation” option, click on that.

Then, you will be able to change specific colors in Photoshop. Change the value of Hue, Saturation, and Lightness; it will change the selected color without disturbing other areas of the image.

That sounds good, isn’t it? This color-changing technique will be super helpful for product Photography.

Let’s have a look at this image.

Change the Color of the object

So, the t-shirt color has been changed from Blue to Green. But the hand area isn’t looking 100% accurate. We are going to fix this in the next step. Keep following the steps.

Step 4: Make correction

Hide the “Hue and Saturation” option by pressing on the cross icon. After that, you have to left-click on the Mask icon of the ‘Hue and Saturation Layer” along with pressing the “ALT” key.

It will enable the mask option and convert the picture into black and white. Now, zoom on those areas where black marks are available inside the white selected areas.

For zooming in, use “CTRL & +” and “CTRL & -” for zooming out.

Make Correction

You can see that black and white colors are not in perfect form. Take the brush tool and paint on those areas.

Remove black marks where needed and paint with black on those areas where you don’t want to bring changes. After correcting, I have got the object in this form.

change the color of the background

Here, the background is covered with Black as I don’t want to change the color of the background. Also, the “Adidas” logo and white stripe on the hand won’t be changed.

The changes will be only applied to the white area. I hope that you have understood the concept of how to change the color of an image in Photoshop.

Want to go back to the normal view? Okay, you need to again press the ALT key and click on the Mask option.

Here, you can see the ultimate result.

Change e-commerce product color in Photoshop

The color of the t-shirt has been changed accurately. Now, you can change the color again by pressing on the hue and saturation layer.

From now on, you can change e-commerce product color in Photoshop with ease. This method will be also helpful for you in E-commerce Image Editing.

How to Change Background Color in Photoshop?

We’ve changed the color of an object. Are you willing to learn how to change the background color of an image in Photoshop?

The method is almost similar to the above procedures. To change the background color, we have to make a selection of the background color.

Permit me to show you the step-by-step procedure so that you can understand it clearly.

Firstly, you have to create a new layer and go to the “Color Range” option. Now, you need to select the background color as white and keep the object color as black. Here you can see the example.

How to Change Background Color in Photoshop

After doing that, once again go to the “New Adjustment Layer” and select “Hue & Saturation”. From that layer, you will be able to change the background color.

Increase the lightness to 100% and the background color will be changed to white.

Color Changing Service

In that way, you can bring white background for any photos.

Let me inform you that about 67% of consumers like to see the product on a white background. By applying this trick, you can get an advantage. By changing Hue and saturation you can bring other colors too.

Now, it’s your turn. You need to do some practice and change color according to your choice.

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That was all about how to change the color of an image in Photoshop. Hopefully, you have learned the procedure and will be helpful for you in any kind of Photo Editing. Keep in touch with Clipping Way to get more informative articles related to photo editing.

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How can i change the color of a picture?

You have to make a selection of the color and use a new adjustment layer.

How much time does it take to change the color of an image in Photoshop?

It takes about 10 to 30 minutes according to the expertise.

Can i change the color of an image without using Photoshop?

Yes, you can do it but the result might not be accurate.

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