How Much to Tip A Photographer?

It has become common to tip a photographer when they make you happier with their beautiful captions. Particularly, the tradition of tipping photographers is more popular in the USA and Canada.

If you have hired a photographer for your family photoshoot, newborn photography, or wedding photography, you might be thinking about how much to tip a Photographer.

In general, you can consider tipping from 15% to 20% of the total photoshoot package cost. But you should not tip less than $30 as it may show disrespect. For expensive photoshoot packages, you can tip a specific amount such as $50 to $100.

So, you have got the basic concept of how much you should tip a professional photographer. There are some other factors such as the type of Photography that you should also consider while deciding how much to tip.

In some cases, you should not pay any tip to the photographer. We are going to cover all those things throughout the article.

How Much Should i Tip A Photographer?

Tip is the indicator of gratitude that you are satisfied with the services. If you want to know about a specific figure about how much you should tip, it will depend on several factors. You can consider tipping 15% to 20% of the overall photography price.

It’s considered an appropriate amount to tip a photographer. However, if the amount becomes less than $30, you should not tip that lower amount to the photographer.

In that case, you can consider tipping $35 to $50 based on your photoshoot experience with that photographer. Also, you might have selected an expensive photoshoot package such as $700.

The 20% of that amount will be $140. In that circumstance, you can consider tipping $100 to the photographer. If the photographer is Outsourcing Photo Editing, you can consider paying even more if you want.

So, there is no hard and fast rule about how much to tip a photographer. It will depend on your photography budget and your satisfaction.

how much to tip a photographer

When Should You Tip A Photographer?

Tipping has become a common practice in USA’s tradition. When someone is offering you a service and you are happy with the service quality, you can tip the service provider as a sign of your gratitude. The same thing applies to the photography sector as well.

When you hire a photographer for wedding photography, newborn photography, family photoshoots, personal portrait photography, engagement photography, or any other type of photography that is memorable for you, you can tip the photographer showing your appreciation.  

When the photographers try their best to provide you with the best quality photos, you can encourage them and appreciate their effort with some tips.

In some cases, the photographer has to comply with unexpected requests or tasks that were not mentioned on the photography package list, you should tip the photographer for that.

Also, when the photography company sends their employee for a photoshoot, you should tip them showing your gratitude. Alongside this, sometimes photographers may have to deal with challenging photography tasks.

You should tip the photographer for such challenging efforts. Let me remind you once again that it is not mandatory that you tip a photographer for such circumstances. But it will make them feel good and encourage them to do better photography for you whenever you ask for it.

When You Should Not Tip A Photographer?

You might be wondering when you should not tip a photographer. First of all, if the photographer is the owner of his own photography business, it won’t be standard to tip the photography business owner. But if he has an assistant photographer with him, you can consider tipping the assistant for his effort.

If the photographer is working with a flat photography rate and that is quite high, you may consider not tipping the photographer. In that case, you can generously say thank you or give a thanks note showing your gratitude and appreciation for his effort.

When the photographer has to do any additional task and he is taking charge of it, you should not tip for the additional task. But if he is not taking any additional fee for that task, you should consider tipping for that.

Last but not least, you might have some bad experiences with the photographer. If the photographer is rude or you are not satisfied enough with his behavior or attitude, you should not tip the photographer.

If the photography style or quality is not up to the mark as was mentioned, you should not tip the photographer.

Sum Up

That’s all about how much to tip a photographer. We have informed you of the appropriate percentage that you should tip your photographer. Also, we have covered when you should tip the photographer and when you should not. Hopefully, it will help you to choose a suitable amount of tips for the photographer.

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Are you supposed to tip a photographer?

It is not mandatory to tip a photographer as they charge you for photography. However, if you want to showcase your gratitude for your satisfaction, you may consider tipping a photographer.

Do you tip a photographer if they own their own business?

In the Photography industry, it’s not standard to tip the owner of a photography business. If the owner sends his employees for the photoshoot, you can tip them.

How much do you tip for engagement photos?

There is no specific amount. You can consider tipping $50 to $100 based on your budget, satisfaction level, and behaviors of the photographer.

Do you tip photographers for a family photo shoot?

As you are already paying the photography price, it is not mandatory to tip photographers for a family photoshoot. If you want to show your gratitude with some tips, you can proceed to that.

How much do you tip a newborn photographer?

There is no definitive amount on how much to tip newborn photographers. You can tip anything around $30 to $100 or even more if you want. There are no mandatory rules on that.

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