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Best Car Photo Editing- Useful Guides

Car photography is a bit more challenging than other photography genres. Car photo editing service is a very creative part and one of the best professional services offered in photo editing. It requires proper application of experience and knowledge.

With the presence of every business nowadays, clients and customers are always very sure they choose the best-looking goods on an ecommerce website, and this applies to car businesses also.

That’s why all car dealers or distributors need professional Car photo editing services.

Who Need Car Photo Editing Service?

Customers look through a car dealing website at first to get details about the car they are interested in buying. As a car dealer, your website is the first contact you have with your customers, this is why you should put up the best looking images of the car to attract them.

Our company is skilled in providing complex car images, retouching and enhancement solution specifically for automotive dealer groups and car dealerships worldwide.

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Car Photo Editing Photoshop

We all know the extensive significance of Photoshop in photo beauty retouching, web designing and so on. Photoshop also dominates and rules the editing of cars.

It is immensely useful in changing and tweaking the color of cars, modifying the rims, headlight, mirror, bumper, door handle etc.

Car Photo Editing Online

The value of an edited car photo cannot be quantified with words. Retouching your normal car photos online with Clipping Way which is a company that provides a world class background removal in making your car photo catchy to the eyes and very attractive, we will help you showcase your business in a way that compels your customers to make a purchase.

How to Edit Car Photo Using Photoshop CC

If you a car lover or a dealer, you might have been wondering how your car will look when edited on Photoshop having seen how the software has been used extensively in modifying beauties in web designing and beauty photo retouching.

The best Photoshop tutorials have been put together for you in car photo editing, you can decide to  change the rims of your car and increase its size, you might want to design another license plate, change the color of your car, turn on/ off car headlight, enhance the body parts or pimp and tune the car.

To edit the image of a car, the first thing to do is to open the background image in Photoshop, then add more contrast to the background through the addition of adjustment layers, click on the add adjustment layer icon and choose levels. When you do this, drag the white and black slider into the middle until you notice an increase in the image contrast.

The next step is to open the car stock get the pen tool activated and draw the path, selecting the car, you can now convert the path into selection using the keyboard shortcut ctrl + enter for windows users and command + enter for mac users.

Car Photo Using Photoshop CC

The next step after this is to activate your move tool and drag the car into the background file, click on ctrl + T or command + T to perform a transformation while the car will be able to fit into the new environment (background).

car photo editing services

If you decide to remove the door handle of the car.

vehicle editing

Use polygon tool to select the areas next to the door handle, then click on command + J or ctrl + J to duplicate the selected layer onto a new layer, then place the duplicated layer right on top of the door handle.

You can now add a later mask and get the edges painted with black until it blends with the surrounding area.

car editing tutorial

You might not get your desired result at once, you will have to repeat these procedures one or two more times until you have it very blended and the door handle has disappeared completely. You can also repeat those step if you want to remove the rear door handle, turn light and gas cap.

To make some modifications to the side mirror, select the lower part of the side mirror, then click on image > adjustment > hue / saturation. You can now go ahead reducing the lightness settings and make the mirror darker.

vehicle editing

Editing the brightness of the side mirror will sometimes decrease contrast, activate your brush tool to draw a black line on the indicated area, set the brush size to 1 pixel.

car dealer photo editing

You might also want to add some custom bumper to the car, use the brush tool to paint the bumper areas with black color or any color of your choice, set the foreground color, for example, to grey and then draw basic shapes inside the bumper using your pen tool.

Create a new layer and get it converted to clipping mask using the shortcut key command + alt + G or ctrl + alt + G, everything you try to paint will go directly inside the shape, then use brush tool to draw shadows and highlight.

The brush tool should be of a low opacity, paint white for highlight and black for shadow. 

Repeat the process carefully until you get the natural lightning on the front bumper.

car dealer image editing

If the front bumper is not low enough, it can be redrawn by creating a new layer and converting it to clipping mask. Then use your brush tool to add some highlights and shadows. The same procedure goes for the rear bumper.

You can also utilize the brush tool in drawing an air scoop, and endeavor it is realistic by adding subtle highlights.

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Select the car hood and cover the topmost part with grilles, but sample similar colors from the other part of hood early to ensure you have a natural blend of result.

To edit the headlight of the car, select the light and add adjustment layer hue/ saturation, then simply increase the saturation slider and lightness as you deem fit.

automobile photo editing

To edit car rims and increase rim size, the first step to take in changing the rim of a car in Photoshop is to open the image of the car on Photoshop, then select the elliptical marquee too; select the rim you want to replace, then make a right click on the selection and click on the layer via copy, this will take the rim you cut out on to a new layer.

car image editing company

Long press the shift button to drag layer 1, replace it and click on the accept button. After you get this action done, any leftover part of the rim that is remaining on the car can be erased using the eraser tool, then have your layer 1 selected and merged down.

Create a new layer and fill it with any preferred color, go to the color mode and select overlay. Tweak it till you have your choice

You can go on to draw some circles on the spokes, then add bevel and emboss to give a 3-D display, then use brush tool to draw circle reflections on the rim after which you will make new layer under the spokes, then draw some bolts in the center of the spokes.

car image editing service

To remove the number plate of a car

Best Car Photo Editing- Useful Guides 1

Activate the brush tool, then alt- click similar colors to get it selected and paint it on the areas containing the number plate. This method is quicker than using the cloning method, but you must take extra care while selecting the color, keeping in mind that there are no solid colors.

vehicle image editing company

To design a car license plate, the first step is to create a new 1000× 1000-pixel new file, then create a new layer. After doing this, select a white color and draw a rectangle shape using the rounded rectangle tool, make use if the rectangle tool in creating a new layer, then color the rectangle to your satisfaction and merge the layers.

Finally, add the effect for the layers and make another layer to create the stars and logo for the license plate then write the text on it.

car image editing company

To change the color of a car using Photoshop, open the image of car you want to change its color in Photoshop, then navigate your cursor to the menu image, then click on adjustment and then click on replace color.

A window pops up and open an array of colors for you. Using the eye dropper tool, you can click on the color you will like to change the color of your car to and adjust the fuzziness, a fuzziness value of 200 is the best for car colors, you can then adjust the hue to your desirable color, after which you can click ok

If you want to lighten the color of the car, create a new layer which will be placed on top of all layers, then select the car body and fill it with white, then reduce the layer opacity to 50% or lower.

car photo editing

As a car dealer or merchant, the picture of the car on your website speaks volume about your business. Your sales can be promoted by using pictures that draws your customer’s attention.

Customize Your Product Photo As You Like

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A photo can be taken on the street and has its perspective adjusted and places in a different background, making it look much more attractive and expensive than it was.

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