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Photoshop shadow effect Service

Do you want to increase or improve your products impression of vitality and attraction? Then you can try the Photoshop shadow effect service. Some of the product photos may have natural shadows. By applying this service, you can retain the shadow.

You can get our shadow creating service any time when you want. The Clipping Way can ensure the quality of this work. Our expert team always try to find out the best. Our professional graphic designers can edit thousands of images daily. We provide the quickest delivery system. Our service charges are quite reasonable also. Moreover, our company provides some other photo editing services like image masking, retouching, ghost mannequin service etc.

In current time, we are providing our services to the photographers, studios, e-commerce agents, wholesalers, web-developers etc. If you want the best, start working with us. It will be a wise decision.

So, let’s start. We can ensure you the great result of this service.

Shadow Creation Service Categories

Based on the complexity of Photoshop shadow effect, we categorized it in 4 subcategories. You can take a gracious eyeshot over the descriptions below:

create reflection shadow

Create Reflection Shadow

This type of reflection shadow is used for such objects which background plate reflects in the tail area. By duplicating layer, designers create reflections effect. It increases the depth of the items. You can easily find countless images that use reflection shadow to improve the images attraction.
Photoshop shadow effect

Create Product/ Natural Shadow

In many images, the background surface cannot reflect. This kinds of images need this to get a 3D look. Which can easily attract customers to grab your product from website. You can understand the huge difference when you see the examples of this kind of shadow works.
shadow creation service

Create Drop Shadow

Drop shadow can create by using Photoshop layer option. For that, the designers have to remove the real background and put a fake background there. When you do this kind of work, the image glows nicely and it will be more professional for using everywhere.
Original shadow

Retain Original Shadow

Sometimes, products shadow look dull because of capturing problems or other problems. For this reason, the image looks unrealistic. Our designers use the best techniques to retain the real shadow of a product. It is also important to maintain color combinations and the suitable shape and sizes.


Here we have provided a tutorial to share the basic working process of our Photoshop professionals.
You can easily understand how our expert designers do their work if you watch video

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shadow Creation Service?

This type of Photoshop shadow effect is one the most necessary photo editing works. There are many products or objects which seem unattractive and not realistic in raw the pictures. Shadows increase the sense of texture.

The drop shadow, retain original shadow, reflection shadow, and natural shadow are the main types of shadow creation. You can apply this Photoshop shadow effect to the shirt, pen, watch, glass, camera, jewelry, book etc.

For creating the shadow of a product, first, we have to remove the background of the product and bring out the best color shape. Then we apply the best shadowing technique and technology.

We have worked with highly rated buyers. We have a skilled team and have a great reputation for our service. You can get the service 24/7 in year round and the quickest delivery services as well as in reasonable prices.

How Do We Do This?

It is one of the most common curiosities of the buyers. If you are a buyer, it is the right of you to know every part of the service. Here we try to satisfy this curiosity. We do all the work by hand and mainly use the Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool.

When we receive an order from the client, we analyze every photo separately. First, we have to remove or dispel the background and the extra parts of the product. And put there one colored background. Then it is important to maintain the regular shape and size of the product.

After these basic jobs are over then we start the shadow creating work. At the time of analyzing, it can easily determine what kind of shadow will match well. Then the designers finish the shadowing work. At the last, we check the complete photos finally and send it to the client.

Who Needs Photoshop Shadow Effect Service?

Nowadays this Photoshop shadow effect service is applicable to many fields of works like Photoshop long shadow. Various kinds of people need this service to beautify or finish their work properly.

The photographers, studios and printing agencies use this for creating some gorgeous work. They need this on regular basis.

Graphic designers, logo designers, and creative agencies need to increase their work’s sharpness and vitality by using shadow creation.

An e-commerce business person needs this mostly. He sells his product items by using the item photos. If his product photos are not attractive, it will decrease this earning. So, he needs to create some attractive photos for his advertisement. He can use the shadow service for his betterment. In the same way, the wholesalers, manufacturers, advertising firms etc. can get benefits.

Web developers and software developers have to use photos for their work. So, they can also use it for their betterment.

Why We Are The Best Shadow Creation Service Provider In Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, this type of Photoshop shadow effect service providing is comparatively new. But in recent time, many agencies are operating their services. Although many of them cannot satisfy the client for lack of experience and less skill as well as less ability. Most of them cannot complete their work in time and they don’t give service all the year round.

But we have a skilled team of designers who can do excellent works. Here exists a strong management system. You can get the service 24/7 in year round and you will get the nice work of the up-to-date software. Our professional quality controller team check 3 times the quality of every order.

There is no holiday or off day of work. Our company always try to provide the quickest delivery services. Comparing with the market situations, we try to provide this service as cheap as possible. Which is reasonable for the Bangladeshi clients.

We have worked with highly rated buyers. Moreover, we have a great reputation for our services. You can believe in our service for our professionalism. This company always give 100% efforts to maintain international quality’s parameters.

Now if you ask why we are different from other? The simple answer is our client support team always ready to reply the client’s questions and provide the wants. We finish our duty when the client has said ok. We believe that a good work will become a testimony to our service.


Clipping Way already satisfied many well-known brands with its prompt services. We are working in various segments like E-commerce Website, Professional Photographer, Online Retailer, Photo Studio, Automotive, Graphic Design and Web Design agency and so on. Some of them are

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Kristin Eisenhower

Executive Creative Director, Germany

This site did a great job for me. I am really grateful for your work. Hope your company can shine in this marketplace.
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Jörg Theiss

Chairman-Footwear Industry, Berlin

Hi admin, your work satisfied me. I want to work with you again. Your service rate is cheap that helps me a lot. Nice work.
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Benjamin Matzen

Head of Marketing, Denmark

I take your service for 250 photos. The works on the photos were excellent. Hope your company will work on it. Carry on!


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