Photoshop Shadow Effect

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Photoshop shadow effect is the process of digitally altering a picture from its original state to give it a preferred outlook. In other words, adding shadow is the process of adjusting an image to your taste and preference using appropriate adobe photoshop. Using image shadow for your images has its perks, and hardly will you see a picture these days without a touch of photoshop alteration. When you apply shadow an image, what you get is an impressive improvement on the original quality of the image. With the appropriate photoshop tools, you can add a shadow effect to an image to give it perspective and realism. 

photoshop shadow effect

The Photoshop shadow effect attracts anyone who looks at the image as it is almost as if one is looking directly at the image. Depending on what you want to use the image for, you can use different photoshop create shadow effect on an image to improve its quality.

Photoshop is commonly used by graphic designers, photographers, advertising designers, memes, also for photo editing for ecommerce editing like clipping path service, background remove, ghost mannequin service.

The most common software used for image drop shadow effect editing is Adobe Photoshop. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac. There are also mobile versions that are compatible with Android phones and Ipads. Other versions are simpler to operate and cost less. There is the Photoshop Element and Photoshop Express.

We offer top quality and professional photoshop services using Adobe Photoshop shadow effect, which will guarantee an improved image quality to a desirable taste. Our photoshop services are available to private individuals and businesses. If your image is for personal keep, it does not in any way affect the quality of our photo editing services. When it comes to businesses, it is advisable to add shadow effect photoshop to your image. We understand that a quality photoshopped image is what attracts a customer to your product. We deploy our best hands to photoshop your product image and give you the best outcome. With us, you get value for your money, and we put a smile on your face when we are done with your image.

What Is Photoshop Shadow Effect

Shadow effect is a form of photo editing/photoshop that gives a picture the desired effect and outlook which wasn’t in the original picture. Shadow defect gives an object in a picture life by providing position and size for the object. It is used on images as it gives a bit of realism to the image in the picture. The Photoshop shadow effect is a manipulation of light to improve the composition of an object in a picture. Shadow effect upgrades your 2D image to a 3D image.

You can use photoshop tools to create the desired shadow effect in your picture. Using this tool gives your photo life and a bit of realism. The tool is quite easy to use on Adobe, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no problem creating any desired photo effect.

Types Of Photoshop Shadow Effect

Shadow Creation Service

Reflection Shadow

A reflective shadow is a type of photoshop shadow effect that gives your photo context and quality. A reflection shadow allows for an object in a picture to seem like it was taken on a reflective surface. It is a subtle photoshop effect that doesn’t take the attention away from the picture’s main image. Reflection shadow gives the impression that the object was photographed in a clean and well-lit environment. Reflection shadow is done using photoshop tools like layer mask and duplicate mask. Giving an image a reflection shadow will add a 3D outlook and make it look unique and creative.

Natural Shadow Creation For Product

Photoshop Cast Shadow Effect

A cast shadow is another type of photoshop shadow effect created at an angle from the object in a picture. One feature of a cast shadow is that the further away from the shadow’s image, the thinner the shadow becomes. The same goes for the edges of the shadow, as it gets further away from the object, the edges become softer. A cast shadow is used mostly to combine photos to make them look real. Giving a picture a cast shadow will improve the quality and realism as you can combine two images seamlessly.

Create Drop Shadow Effect in Clipping Way

Natural Shadow

Natural shadow is usually referred to as the most realistic shadow created on an image. Natural shadow is best created during photography. Lighting plays an essential role in creating a natural shadow for an object in a picture. The key is placing the light source at the side of the object you’re photographing. Creating a natural shadow doesn’t necessarily mean you should use only natural lighting. Artificial lighting also does the job when creating a natural shadow it’s also using for photoshop face shadow effect.

Retain Original Shadow

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is a type of photoshop shadow effect that is popular because it resembles the sunlight lightning effect. Drop shadow improves the quality of a picture. Drop shadow is used in photoshop to create a 3D effect in a 2D image. The key is to separate the image in the picture from the background and then add a custom shadow in the shape of the image. A drop shadow creates a contrast against the background of the image in the picture and brings the object forward.

Benefits Of Photoshop Drop Shadow Effect

Drop Shadow Effect is a form of photo editing you can use to improve the quality of the image in a picture. Adding a drop shadow effect on any image gives it an exclusive and exquisite look, which attracts the attention of anyone viewing the picture. If you want to add a different dimension to an image, drop shadow will give you the perfect dimension. Drop shadow effect also adds contrasts to the image in a picture giving it a more original look. Depending on what you want to use the picture for, you can improve the quality of the picture with a drop shadow effect.

Why You Need Photoshop Shadow Under An Object

When dealing with a composite object in a picture, it is best to use a image shadow to enhance the outlook of the image. It helps in the grounding of the image to improve its quality. With the Photoshop shadow effect, the image will look more realistic with better quality. Depending on what you want to use the image for, adding a photoshop shadow to an image in a picture gives it a professional touch. For those into an advertisement, you do not want to ignore the importance of photoshop of your products you put up for display. Asides from the aesthetics, photoshop gives your product additional allure that will make customers want to buy the product. It is also important to ensure the photoshop is done professionally to achieve the desired outcome.

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Revision Facility

We have a revision facility you can enjoy when you engage our services. This means that we can go over a particular project if you’re not satisfied with the photoshop done. This is to allow us to give you exactly what you want in your picture.

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When you come to us for photoshop services, you get to enjoy a discount on the charges if you have a bulk of pictures to photoshop. We offer top quality photoshop services, and you get to enjoy a discount on every bulk order.

High Quality

Our photoshop artists are well adept in the art of photoshop. Be rest assured that we will transform your image into a top-quality and professional image. We ensure we follow all the rudiments of photoshop to give you the best service possible.

Importance Of Photoshop Drop Shadow Effect

When it comes to pictures nowadays, photoshop is the real deal. You don’t have to worry about your picture not looking desirable. There are various photoshop effects you can add to your picture that will increase the quality. Photoshop drop shadow is one of those effects. When you add photoshop drop shadow to the image in a picture, it improves the quality of the picture dynamically. It makes the image in a picture become a focal point that will catch the attention of anyone that looks at the picture.

Why You Should Choose Us For Realistic Drop Shadow

It is essential to engage the services of a professional to help you with the photoshop of your picture. Using Photoshop software may be easy, but it takes the perception of a professional to know the right amount of shadow effect to use at every angle. That is what you get when you engage our services. We will transform your picture into a top-quality image and help you add realism to the picture. Our rates are affordable. You do not need to break the bank to make your image look real. We have professionals who are adept at using photoshop to transform any image into a desired one.

What Is The Photoshop Shadow Effect Image

Photoshop is a way of adding to the quality of an image in a picture. It helps put your picture into perspective and adds a bit of realism. Adding a shadow effect to an image gives it a floating outlook. Then it provides the image with a more realistic outlook alongside the background. When you use the shadow effect, it creates a visual effect in which the main object appears to be above the surface with its shadow right behind it.

Photographer Need Product Shadow Photoshop

When taking a picture that will serve as a display for a product on sale, it is advisable to engage the services of a photoshop artist. When engaging the services of a photographer to take a picture of the product, ensure that such a photographer has photoshop skills that will improve the quality and appeal of the image. You do not want to put a picture of a product without a shadow. It will look ordinary and bland. Your photographer must be able to add shadow to the image of the product to give it perspective and realism. It is what the customer will see before asking to see the real product.

Why Gradient Shadow Photoshop Is Important For Product Image

Gradient shadow photoshop is useful for business owners who intend to display images as the prototype of what they’re selling. When you take a picture of the product you are selling, before putting it online, it is important to engage the services of a professional photoshop artist to help you add realism and glamour to the product image. Gradient shadow photoshop is a sure way of getting your customers to go for your product.

Gradient Shadow Photoshop

The gradient tool in photoshop is used to create a shadow effect. Shadow effects are generally used to improve the quality of images. Most online advertisers opt for the photoshop shadow effect to improve their chances of getting a buyer. By using gradient shadow photoshop, your image has a shade of realism that attracts potential customers.

Photoshop Shadow Effect Text

The photo shadow service gives the text in a picture shadow effect just like the image. Different tools create a shadow effect. The shadow effect text tool gives depth to a text in an image. It makes the text as conspicuous as possible for you to see and read. It boldens the text and adds a bit of flair to the text in the image.

Add Shadow To Image Online Can Make Professional Look

When you intend to upload your product image online for customers to see, you get the added advantage if you add shadow to the image before uploading. Besides improving the quality of the image online, it also gives it a professional outlook, which is a good impression you’re creating for your business. It shows you don’t just snap any picture and upload it as an advert.

Photoshop Shadow Box Effect

Photoshop shadow box effect is another way of improving the image in your picture. The shadow box effect gives the image in your picture a shade of realism through the shadow inserted in the background of the image. It is one thing to have the shadow box tool, and it is another thing to have it used by a professional. Ensure that whenever you want to use the photoshop shadow box effect, it is done by a professional to get the desired result.

Photoshop Long Shadow Text

Photoshop long shadow text is used to give the text in an image a form of photoshop effect by giving it a shadow. This is mostly used in advertising in order to catch the eye of potential customers. Photoshop long shadow text is flexible in such a way that you can add layers of shadow to give it more effect. If you want the text in your picture to look as fly as the image, photoshop long shadow text is the tool to use.

Why Very Useful Of Photoshop CC Shadow Effect

Photoshop CC, also known as photoshop Creative Cloud, is an advanced version of Photoshop. Photoshop CC has features and tools that are not in photoshop. This will give your image a higher quality than photoshop. It has 10 different shadow effects you can use on your image to give it an improved outlook and make it hard not to admire. It is easy to use with more efficient photoshop tools at your disposal. There are more photoshop options you can explore to improve the quality of your image.

Photoshop Elements Shadow Effect

Photoshop elements is a faster and easier photoshop tool used on images to give them better quality. It is photoshop software that is better suited for beginners who want to learn the ropes of photoshop. It is used for quick and fast editing and does not make it any less a photoshop software to use on your image. It is preferred by many because of its automated and progressive features.

Fixing Shadows In PhotoShop

Adding shadows in pictures goes a long way to improve the quality and perspective of the picture. Even if you have a perfect shot, you can make it more perfect by adding shadow to the image. First, you open the image with a shadow in the paint tab, then you use the marker tool to select the area you want to place the shadow. You can always adjust the shadow after creating one. The purpose of shadow in an image is to improve the image quality.

Sometimes Remove Shadow From Photo

While adding a shadow to an image makes it better by improving the quality of the image and adding image depth, there are also occasions you may need to remove shadows in an image. Some of the reason for removing shadow in an image is when the shadow in the image is distracting or too harsh for the image. The use of shadow in an image should be moderate. Where it becomes too much, there may be a need to remove or reduce the shadow.

Photoshop Mirror Shadow Effect

The Photoshop mirror shadow effect is a photoshop tool that adds a reflection to the image in a picture. Using the photoshop tool, you can create an exact shadow of the original image. First, you copy the original image and place it on a new layer. Then you flip it and change the blend mode. The final stage is masking it. It is a photoshop effect that makes the image in a picture look dynamic and more attractive.

How To Create Shadow In Photoshop

Photo shadow services is now used in photo editing to give the image an illusion of reality. The Shadow effect also improves the image quality of a picture when applied. It is essential to apply the right type and the right amount of shadow to get the desired result. Here is a step by step procedure for adding shadow to your image.

  • The first step is to remove the background of the image using the photo scissors tool;
  • The next stage is to create a drop shadow. You can do this by clicking on the third tab on the right-side panel;
  • You can adjust the shadow position and size using the frame. You can change the overall look of the shadow by varying the blur radius parameters and the opacity. You can use 50 – 80 Opacity parameter and a blur radius of 10 and above;

You can then save the image as a PNG file.

Photoshop Shadow Effect Video Tutorial

Here we have provided a tutorial to share the basic working process of our Photoshop professionals. You can easily understand how our expert designers do their work if you watch video

Frequently Asked Questions

For any usual inquiry, you can check the section below. We have listed the questions and gave the possible answers you may want to know. If you have any query let us know, our customer care representative will be happy to help you.

Drop shadow is used for an image to increase the image quality. Drop shadow also gives the image a bit of realism.

If you want your text to be clear, you should avoid using the drop shadow effect. Drop shadow effect sometimes make images look tacky.

You can use a completed photoshop image anywhere. If you’re into advertising, the perfect place for a perfectly photoshopped image is on the internet. People will get to see your product in a quality image.

You can create a shadow effect by removing the background of the image using photo scissors. Then you create a drop shadow on the image using the requisite tools. You can use other tools to adjust the color, size, and position of the shadow. Then you save it as a PNG file, and you’re done.

You can use a drop shadow on the surface an image is placed at an angle that will align with the image’s position.


Creating a shadow effect for an image improves the quality and perspective. If you’re into advertising or you want to place a product online for sale. Being the prototype, you should endeavor to create a shadow to improve the quality of the image. This will attract any potential customer that views the image. If you want your images to compete in the market, then you have to use photoshop to up your game.