Watermark Removal Tutorial

Watermark Removal in Photoshop

Here are simple steps to follow when removing watermark in photoshop. To use it, install the plug-in, and then do the following:

Step 1: If you are editing the JPEG file: Use the File → Import → Import lossless JPEG and select the file. If you do not want to edit the JPEG file, just open the file.

Step 2: Remove Watermark:

I) In CS5, you can use content aware tool so as to help you in doing this. Choose a region containing a watermark, and then select Edit → Fill in the “use” drop down; select “content aware,” and then click OK.

II) Another tool that is useful is available in the same group is Patch tool. This tool can copy the region to an area of the image to another.

III) Finally, when everything fails, a useful tool for action is the Clone Stamp tool, which allows you to use a brush to copy part of an image to another. Round brush, hard is usually better. Using different sized brushes and copy different areas of the image, including complex watermarks, they can be removed.

Step 3: When you are through with the editing of JPEG, use File –Export- JPEG Lossless Export to export the modified file. If you do not have BetterJPEG, save the JPEG again at high quality. If you are not editing a JPEG, just save.

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