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Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation means transforming a photo by applying various photo editing and retouching features or effects. This needs expert handwork and huge experience as it is one of the most innovative photo editing services. The designer has to implement his creative thinking in a realistic look. The Clipping Way has huge experience in this photo manipulation service.

We are providing our image editing services more than 10 years. we also providing all kind of image editing service like photo clipping, masking, e-commerce image optimization, high end glamour retouching and ghost mannequin service etc. Here exists an expert graphic designer’s team, well-distributed management system, and professional quality checking team. We don’t compromise on the quality and customer’s satisfaction. You can enjoy 24/7 online help service here.

We deliver the order in the quickest time and at a reasonable price also.

photo manipulation service

Photo Manipulation Service

You can recreate your incomplete picture as a new picture by using this service. Photo manipulation makes an incomplete image complete by recovering the limitations of the image. To analyze this service you will find two main aspects, they are the visual and economic aspect. There are many ways to complete photo manipulation but using the Photoshop is the best method. Our expert graphic designers are using up to date software and they are quite experiencing for this. So, you can trust on our expert handwork. You can take a Free Trial opportunity in this site without any cost that will help to take decision easily and feel the difference instantly. So, let’s start.


Here we have provided a tutorial to share the basic working process of our Photoshop professionals.
You can easily understand how our expert designers do their work if you watch video

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Photo Manipulation?

Photo manipulation means altering an image by using different methods and ways to gain the desired result. This requires skill and experience to perform the task. Less skill or inadequate experience cannot give the proper result for this kind of service. You may have to do texture using, picking stock images, combining multiple images etc. to complete a manipulation task.

How Do We Do This?

We take orders from the clients in the online-based system. You can send images using Dropbox, google drive, FTP. After finishing our work, we will send the edited images.

When we receive an order, first our expert designers analyze every single image carefully to find the problems and decide what to do for these. Then we start the main manipulating work.

Our graphic designers use the Adobe Photoshop Software for image manipulation. They start to attach something, size combination, adding effect to finish the task by following client’s requirements.

We check every order file 3 times to ensure the best quality. We will revise the whole process again for him without any extra charge.

Who Needs Photo Manipulation Service?

The garment companies need to attract their customers by advertising with some excellent product images. If they use this kind of service, they will represent the products in a more attractive way. It may effect on their selling percentages.

Ecommerce companies sell their products by using their websites. If the product images are not attractive or interesting, they may not earn their expectation. By publishing good quality product images, they can improve their business performance. Using photo manipulation service can make an image interesting. For this reason, they can use this service.

Brand new and old car dealer may need this service to improve their website visualization or create some creative things. By using this service, they easily reduce their pressure and complete the works properly as well as create something new for themselves. They need car background replacement/car multi clipping path to show proper images in their website. From this website they can take car photo editing service to improve business.

General people also can use photo manipulation service to create something extraordinary and can use those for many purposes.

Why We Are The Best Photo Manipulation Service Provider In Bangladesh?

The service providers cannot satisfy the client’s needs all the time because they don’t give emphasis on the quality of the retouching, they also only rush for money. Most of them cannot deliver the order at the right time and are not providing customer care service 24/7 all the years. Sometimes the order adheres to the holidays.

In this industry, we provide the quickest delivery system at the cheapest price. The quality maintenance is our first priority and we never compromise on quality. In 10 years of experience, we have good reputations from the clients. Some customers are working with us for a long time being. We finish our job only when the client is totally satisfied. If you judge our works, you surely find the international standards.

For those reasons, you can find the best jewelry retouching works here.


Clipping Way already satisfied many well-known brands with its prompt services. We are working in various segments like E-commerce Website, Professional Photographer, Online Retailer, Photo Studio, Automotive, Graphic Design and Web Design agency and so on. Some of them are


Emil Schou

Studio Manager, Aalborg

Excellent work Clipping Way! Quality and professionalism are the best i found here. It satisfied me. I will use the services for my works.

Jacques Marcheterre

E-commerce Operation manager, France

I have received my order file yesterday. The quality of the images is quite good. I’m thinking to take service from Clipping Way again.

Juliane Hertzog

Professional Photographer, Canada

Hey admin, i used your photo manipulation service last month, Go ahead. They provided a great job every time.


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