Jewelry Image Retouching Tutorial

Jewelry Retouching Service

Here are some tips that can help you improve your Jewelry Image Retouching

Adjust the color balance. A professional photographer may prefer to get white balance settings on the camera than to fix it in post-production. However, if you end up with jewelry photos with color projections, these simple steps can help you to get rid of it. In Photoshop, go to Image> Adjustments> Color balance.
Pop-up comes with a few sliders and options that allow you to customize the colors in the medium color range, highlights, and shadows, Adjust the brightness and contrast

There are several ways you can adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos. You can go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Brightness / Contrast or create a layer to adjust. Most professionals prefer the latter method because it allows changes in the image without permanently changing it.

Click on the black-and-white half-circle at the bottom of the Layers palette to create the brightness and contrast adjustment layer. Use Unsharp Mask. Although many digital cameras come with sharpening features, photographers descend so low as possible as it will go to win more control over sharpness post production. Unsharp Mask Photoshop is the tool that differs pro from an amateur. In Photoshop, you will find this tool under Filter> Sharpen.

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