how to cut out images in photoshop

How to Cut Out Images in Photoshop – 4 Easiest Methods

More than often, after taking a picture, we feel that the object would have looked great in another background. In that case, applying the image cut out technique will be the best solution.

Image cut out is one of those essential photo editing techniques that every photo editor needs to have. Applying the technique, you will be able to pull an object out of its unsuitable background.

Does it sound complex to you? This article is going to help you a lot. Through this article, you’ll learn how to cut out an image in Photoshop. You can do this using any version of Photoshop.

After reading this article, you will be able to cut out any type of image in Photoshop. You’ll get the easiest explanation of every step.

Now, allow me to start.

Method 1: How To Cut Out Hair In Photoshop

Many photo editors struggle to cut out an image having hair in Photoshop. This Photoshop image cut out tutorial will be helpful for them. Following that method, you cut out the hair portion precisely in Photoshop.

how to cut out images in photoshop

Step 1: Open Your Image and Unlock the Layer

First of all, you have to open your image in Photoshop and unlock the Layer. As you can see it is locked, double click on it to unlock the layer. Now, we are going to begin the selection procedure.

Open Your Image and Unlock the Layer



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Step 2: Making Selection of Hair

In the second step, you need to make a selection of the hair. We are going to make a primary selection using the quick selection tool. After that, we will refine the selection to get a perfect result. Pick the tool from that list.

Making Selection of Hair

To make the primary selection, drag your mouse over hair and body. If you want to exclude something from the selection trace the “ALT” key while moving the mouse.

Refine Selection

Step 3: Refine Selection

As you can see some portions of the background are visible with the hair. So, we need to refine our selection so that we can exclude that background portion.

You have to click on the “Refine Edge” from the top of the Photoshop menu. From the “Refine Edge” box, you can change the view on black background. It makes the refine selection process easier.

Refine Edge Dialogue Box Appear

Then, pick up the brush tool from the left side and move it over the background area that is visible. It will erase the visible background. After doing that you have to enable the “Decontaminate Colors” option. Put a tick on that option to enable it.

Step 4: Load the Selection with Layer Mask

From the output option, you need to select “New Layer with Layer Mask”. That will load the selection on a new layer with a layer mask. Here is the sample of the image cut out in Photoshop.

Load the Selection with Layer Mask

So, we have cut out an image with hair in Photoshop. Portrait photographers and fashion photographers can use this technique to cut out their photography in Photoshop. Now, you have got the object in transparent background. So, you can easily change the background or replace the background.

The next method is going to be more exciting. Do you want to know how to cut out complex images in Photoshop? Jump on the 2nd method.

Method 2: How to Cut Out Complex Image in Photoshop

Beginner photo editors and even some intermediate photo editors found it difficult to cut out complex images in Photoshop. In this method, you will learn how to cut out complex images easily in Photoshop using the Alpha Color Channel.

cut out images

Step 1: Select Color Range Tool

To begin the process, open your picture in Photoshop and select the Color Range Tool.

Select Color Range Tool

The color range tool is useful to select Complex objects quite easily. After picking that tool, you will find a new dialogue box on your monitor. We will customize that in the second step.

Step 2: Select The Background With The Eyedropper Tool

You will find three dropper icons. You have to select the 3rd one from the left side. Then, click on the background close to the object. For a better understanding of the changes, select “Grayscale” from the selection preview box. Here you can see the hint.

Select the Background with The Eyedropper Tool

This is a rough selection. Now, we are going to turn it into a precise selection.

Step 3: Improve The Selection

You should pick the middle dropper option. Next to that, start clicking on the background until it becomes white. Here you can see our sample image.

Improve the Selection

After doing that, you need to click on the invert to exchange the selection. The black areas of the selection will be eliminated, that’s why we are keeping the background black. At this point, you have to press the “Enter” key to load the selection.



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Step 4: Create Mask For The Selection

You need to click on the mask icon from below to create a mask for the selection. Now, you have to press the “ALT” key and click on the mask icon from the bottom of the layer panel.

That will enable mask view. Have you guessed what to do now? Pick the brush tool from the left side and paint it on the white area. Make sure that the object and the areas that you want to keep will be white.

Create Mask for the Selection

You should also try to bring your image in this form. When you have done that, you can click on the mask again to bring the normal view.

Alpha channel Tool

Here you can see, we have cut out a complex object using the Alpha channel tool. You can apply this method to objects like trees and fences.

Method 3: How to Cut Out Image In Photoshop With Pen Tool

Want to know how to cut out an image in Photoshop with any shape? Using the pen tool in Photoshop you can cut out an image precisely. Product photographers can apply this method to cut out product photos. So, permit me to start the Photoshop image cut out tutorial.

cutout image in photoshop

Step 1: Enable Pen Tool

The pen tool is one of the most effective tools when it comes to precious selection. You can enable this tool from here.

Pen Tool

We need to create outlines around the object to cut out the mug from its background.

Step 2: Create Paths Surrounding Object

You should zoom on the picture by pressing “CTRL & +”. Right-click on the object’s boundary line to create anchor points.

Create Paths Surrounding Object

In that method, you have to cover the entire object with vector lines created by the Photoshop Pen Tool.

Step 3: Create Paths For Inner Holes

Does your object have any holes inside? You have to also create paths for the inner section tool.

Create Paths for Inner Holes

After doing that, press and hold the “CTRL” key to enable the selection of created anchor points. Would you like to have a look at the sample? Here you go.

Anchor Points

Step 4: Separate The Object

You have to make a right-click and select “make selection” from that list. Now, you have applied the selection to the object. Select “Inverse” from the top menu to move the selection to the background.

How to get rid of the existing background? Press on the Delete key from the keyboard and it will eliminate the background immediately.

Separate The Object

See, you can cut out images in Photoshop with ease using the Photoshop Pen Tool. You can apply this technique to your photography with any version of Photoshop.

Method 4: How To Cut Out An Image In Photoshop Using Quick Selection and Layer Mask

This is the final method of how to cut out an image in Photoshop. For the ultimate method, we are going to use the quick selection tool and layer mask. Hopefully, you are going to love this tutorial. Let’s start.

photoshop cut out services

Step 1: Create Duplicate Layer

First of all, you have to double-click on the primary layer to unlock it. I want to keep this image cut out process non-destructive. Therefore, press “CTRL + J” and take a new copy of the previous layer.

Then, you should disable the first layer and proceed forward. How to disable a layer in Photoshop? Well, you need to click on the eye icon of the layer.

Create Duplicate Layer

In the next step, we will enable the quick selection tool.

Step 2: Select The Object

As we are going to make a selection with the “Quick Selection Tool”, enable it from here.

Select The Object

Then, drag your mouse over the object in order to cut out the object. Want to eliminate something from your selection? You have to press the “ALT” key in that case.

Step 3: Create Layer Mask

In that step, we are going to create a layer mask for the selection. Have you selected your object precisely? Click on the mask icon from below.

Create Layer Mask

That’s it. It will create a mask and you will find your object separated on a transparent background. The process is too easy to follow for anyone, isn’t it?

Cut Images - Final output


I’ve shared 4 methods of how to cut out images in Photoshop. From now on, you can cut out any images in Photoshop without worrying about their shapes and furry portion.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do i Cut Out Part of A Picture?

A: You can do it using the selection tools of Photoshop.


Q: What Tool do i use in Photoshop to Cut Out an Image?

A: Quick selection tool, pen tool, color range tool can be used to cut out an image in Photoshop.


Q: How to Cut Out Furry Objects in Photoshop?

A. You can do it using the color range tool and refine edge selection.

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