Reflection & Shadows Tutorial

Here are some things to consider before using the Reflection & Shadows on the text

Making a reflection of words such as ‘g’ and ‘y’ is a little more complicated. Avoid using these words, if you are a beginner. Reflection should be slightly smaller than the size of the text to give a more natural look.

In the shadow of the text and print, background colour in the text block the shadow drops, and it seems to be different from the rest of the document. To do this, we need to ensure that the background colour is not spot colours, but CMYK. Another solution is that the file can be exported in PDF, which helps to flatten transparently.

The document must have a white background so that the shadow is clearly visible. The process usually takes some time because it involves two different processes. Usually, a text is first given a reflection and then shadows. These are the two elements on which the 3D image depends entirely.


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