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Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is one of the most creating works and it requires expert handwork and enough experiences. By using the desktop publishing service you can create a creative logo, design, business card etc. that can help you in many ways.
Desktop publishing/graphic designing is one of the best ways to represents advertises in a creative way. It can give you lots of advantages in the current marketing competition. So, it will be great for you if you use this service for your work.
Clipping Way has good service providing experience in this sector. We have been working with some highly rated clients and they are fully satisfied with our works. Our expert graphic designers are graduated in graphic design and the quality checking team is quite professional. Clipping Way always uses the up to date softwares. The quality checkers check every order properly to provide our client 100% satisfaction. We believe that good works are the testimonial of our service. So, let’s start your journey with us.

Desktop Publishing Service categories

To promote your business product or marketing purposes, we are mentioning some of our most using Desktop Publishing services below. Which we are providing for last 10 years with clients appreciation on regular basis:

Creative Logo Design

Creative Logo Design

The logo is one of the most needed things for any kind of organization because it is the identification for them. So, if you are a corporate company, you need an attractive logo. By using this service you can create a good logo for your uses.
Newspaper Magazine Ads

Newspaper/Magazine Ads

The Newspaper/Magazine is one the easiest ways to advertising any service or offer to general people. So, for the marketing, branding, or product promotion, the companies can create some attractive design for Newspaper/Magazine advertisements.
Desktop publishing service

Leaflet Design

If you want to share your service, or product Leaflets can be very useful for many reasons. You can share information, promoting any item etc. by using good quality leaflet. Using this service, you can create such kind of thing that you need.
Business Card Design

Business Card Design

A business card is usable for professional communication, identity or promotional purposes. So, having a business card is very important for a businessman. If the b-card is attractive, it will be great for him. For this kind of work, they can use this creative graphic design service.

Billboard Design

If u want to spread any information or advertise in many people within a short time about your product, billboard is one of them. Billboard advertisement is a popular way of advertising. For advertisement, you need an attractive design that can easily attract people. For this, you must use this kind of services.
Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Every corporate company has their own identity, brand guideline, It contains the logo, V-card, letterhead, envelop, indoor & outdoor promotion etc. These things indicate your level and quality as well as uniqueness. For creating this kind of things, you can use this service to get the best result.


Here we have provided a tutorial to share the basic working process of our Photoshop professionals.
You can easily understand how our expert designers do their work if you watch video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Desktop Publishing?

It means creating images using computer’s software that easily uses for advertising or printing. It is about to combine text, effect, and images. Desktop publishing includes commercial printing, pdf, slideshow, newsletter, web page etc. creating.

For this, you need a high-performance computer and a suitable software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc. and for good quality, you have to work hard as well as spread lots of time.

Desktop publishing is usable for many reasons. Such as logo designing, leaflet creating, business card designing, billboard designing, newspaper advertise designing & to prepare all images as per ads requirements we also provides all kind of photo editing like, image cutout service & photo cropping service.

How Do We Do This?

Our experienced graphic designers analyze the order file thus find out the right process of work and follow the client requirements. Then they start the desktop publishing work. We use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign etc. softwares for this service. The graphic designers always use their hands as the main tool for the work. It ensures the quality and best designing experience.

The quality checking team check 3 times every order file. We don’t compromise with the quality and client’s satisfaction so we will revise the whole process if the client is not 100% satisfied. Clipping Way always tries to deliver the order file as quickly as possible.

Who Needs Desktop Publishing Service?

Advertising agencies, corporate companies, any kind of small company, or business organization need this service to create their business card, logo, V-card, letterhead, envelop etc. which are very important for their business and other purposes. They can attract people and make business relation by using this kind of products. Moreover, these things indicate their uniqueness. For this reason, they need this service.

Moreover, those who need something creative and exceptional for them, they can use this service.

Why We Are the Best Desktop Publishing Provider in Bangladesh?

Desktop publishing requires good handwork, suitable software, and huge experience. Most the desktop publishing service providers don’t have these and often they cannot provide the required quality.

Clipping Way have all of these qualifications. Our designers are well trained for this kind of work. We also provide them more training facilities regularly to improve their performance. From this company, you can get the quickest delivery opportunity at reasonable prices. Moreover, we provide the best quality for this kind of work. The online support center will stand for you 24/7.


Clipping Way already satisfied many well-known brands with its prompt services. We are working in various segments like E-commerce Website, Professional Photographer, Online Retailer, Photo Studio, Automotive, Graphic Design and Web Design agency and so on. Some of them are


Tina Poupko

Web & Ecommerce Developer, Israel

Great work from Clipping Way. I am satisfied with your service. Hope we will work long time. Thanks you Clipping Way.
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Everette Renaud

Commercial Photographer, London

I have been using this company’s services about last two years. I always get the best quality here at a reasonable price.
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Jake Gaylord


Recently i have used the Newspaper Ad design service and have gotten the required result for my product advertising.


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