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Abstract Photography Ideas For Beginners

We refer to photography as an art or practice of creating magic by making use of an electromagnetic radiation device which is a camera.

Photography is a necessary part of life. Everyone loves to capture important moments of their lives for future reference.

Photos bring back certain memories that we may or may not like to remember when we take a look at them.

As an aspiring photographer, young or old, abstract photography is one aspect of photography to start with.

Other aspects of photography such as product photography, outdoor photography, and wedding photography do not go against photography rules when compared to abstract.

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Abstract Photography Ideas

As an aspiring photographer, young or old, abstract photography is one aspect of photography to start with.

other aspects of photography such as product photography, outdoor photography, and wedding photography do not go against photography rules when compared to abstract.

Abstract Photography Ideas

Abstract photography gives more freedom to photographers to showcase their artistic nature.

Abstract photography, when carried out perfectly can make a simple object or subject look like a masterpiece of colors, textures, patterns. There are certain scenarios whereby the creation is done accidentally.

Nevertheless, these abstract photos are done intentionally, with careful attention being paid to details.

Abstract Photography Ideas

As an aspiring photographer, young or old, abstract photography is one aspect of photography to start with. other aspects of photography such as product photography, outdoor photography, and wedding photography do not go against photography rules when compared to abstract.

Abstract photography gives more freedom to photographers to showcase their artistic nature.

To be more direct, abstract photography is a way of expressing your emotions and ideas. We make use of photographed image elements avoiding any intention of developing a realistic image.

Surpassing the way an object is represented, revealing certain details that other photographers or persons would ignore and triggers the imagination of the viewer.

Abstract Photography

Do you love photography? Would you love to check other aspects of photography apart from your normal product, indoor or outdoor type of photography?

Or perhaps, you want to do something away from the normal? Then abstract photography is your best shot. Search no further, let me guide you with certain steps to take in abstract photography as a beginner.

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Begin With Regular Objects

As earlier mentioned, abstract photography is centered on having a different look at things. so, to begin, check out your regular or everyday objects. Make use of them in practice.

The moment you can see these objects beyond what they are, their usual framework, your journey to the abstract world has begun.

Fortunately, believe It or not, you can use anything or everything that can be used as a subject in your abstract photos. Think of any random object, try to see how it can be photographed in a different, unique, and still looks appealing.

Abstract Photography Ideas For Beginners 1

Harness The Elements Of Design

Line, form, color, texture, shape, and pattern are elements of design that can influence your audience to understand what your images portray. These photographic elements guide the thoughts pattern of the viewers.

For instance, the lines and curve have a way of leading your viewers across an image or towards the idea of a photo.

For patterns and textures, they inspire the mind and are always insightful to look at. Colors can be essential in highlighting the point of interest or focus of a photo, adding clear visual engagement to it. Now, take note of these elements and do justice with them as you journey the abstract highway.

Engage With A Good Macro Lens

To capture an abstract image, there is a need to close in on the subject or object. This closure is possible only by zooming in on the object or by going macro. Zoom lens is perfectly good for closure but has a limit to which they can bring distant images closer.

However, if we want to achieve a better closure with our camera, we need to apply the macro lens. The macro lens can capture far objects and also make little details or tiny matter magnified.

Some cameras have a macro mode. For cameras without a macro mode, you can attach a macro lens to it.

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Take your shot through object

A makeshift lens filter can be a great choice when you want to achieve a unique and abstract image. With color filter and gels, there would be no need for editing your images to give it a nice color tinge.

When shoots are taken through glass or a car window on a rainy day, distractions and diffractions occur, creating unusual but entertaining images.

Now, having known this, know that you can try it out. Don’t limit yourself, try shooting through various things to see what the outcome would look like.

Capture Motion

A product photographer or an outdoor photographer would be angry when he experiences an image or subject blur. But to the abstract photographer, this is an incredible achievement. He would be happy his subject is blurred. That is strange, right?

When you move your camera as you are about to take a shot, a mix of various colors, patterns and lines would be formed as the image. This image is similar to the painting brushwork, however the movement. To try this, you can start from left to right and later try right to left.

You can include circular movements. Try various methods, check to see how each of them affect the image produced.

With a low shutter speed of about 1/10th of a second or even slower, enabling it to capture motion blur. if the image produced is overexposed, you can edit in settings or go to shutter priority mode.

Abstract Photography Ideas For Beginners 2

Adopt The Art Of Subtraction

Now, images are meant to be simple. Simplicity is the key to having a good outcome. To do this, learn how to selectively keep some elements outside the frame. you need to consider carefully what and what should be left out not forgetting the reason you are doing such.

Your viewers’ attention can be shifted to the remaining object when you carry out the art of selection. This is an important tip for every beginner who wants to excel in abstract photography.

Recreate Your Lightening

The light source is very sophisticated. When you adjust here and there it would have a different effect which in turn develops unique images.

A focused lightening on your image would convey the attention of your audience to the point emphasized by the light turning it into a focal point.

For instance, if I channel a strong light source on one side of the image, textures could be accentuated.

However, diffused lighting lessens the focus of the viewers. But still has the advantage of making them look at all parts without any focus on a part.

back lightening and silhouetting are other lightening options that can be tried out, these techniques involve putting the light source at the back of the object.

These are various ways you can manipulate your lightning to reveal depth, mystery, and other attributes to your images.

Try Out Different Shooting Styles

As a beginning, you must be daring. Trying out different shooting styles would bring about unique, pure, and excellent images. First, you must understand your camera settings.

Your camera settings, positively or negatively, affect your output. Also, by mastering your settings you control your results.

Now, be open to ideas. Let your creative side lead you. shoot images out of focus, play around with your shutter speed, field of depth, and many others.

Rotate the photos, play with the white balance, experiment those techniques made use of in product photography or sports photography. Generate that incredible abstract image. Be free, let no one stop or hinder your creative spirit.

Edit Your Images Afterward

Previously, I encouraged that you should take various steps, explore every idea that pops in your head. Now, when you are done experimenting, it is advisable to consider editing your photos.

This would give you the freedom to manipulate the images and get an incredible output. There is no overdoing when it comes to editing your images. Fell free to post-process your image to the best of your ability.

Interestingly, abstract photographers are motivated and encouraged to improve their work digitally, carrying out retouches like recoloring, reshaping, flipping, cropping, and distorting the image.

Abstract Photography Ideas For Beginners 3

Key Elements Of A Good Abstract Photo

Certain elements are important for an image to be seen or viewed as a good abstract photo. these elements include composition, angle of view, harmony, simplicity, and many others. Let’s take a ride to see what these elements mean.

# Composition

A good abstract photo should have a clear, proper, and structural design. Of a truth, we know that abstract photos don’t necessarily follow certain rules, but a lot of thinking thought process has to be put into the placement, order, and balance between pattern, shapes, textures, and colors.

These factors, individually and collectively, have a great effect on the visual weight of an image. They also point out and establish the photographer’s point of interest and in turn help, the viewers see things the way they are meant to be seen.

# Angle of view

The angle of view determines, just like the composition, the representation the subject would get. The right angle is about getting the right vintage point which would give life and also compliment the subject.

This is crucial because it will reduce distractions and channel the focus on the focal point.

Apart from taking shots at strange angles, you can flip or rotate the abstract photo when you are carrying out a post-processing work to reveal other views and positions.

# Harmony

A visual balance is created between the photographic elements. This ensures even proportionality. Strong colors are balanced using muted colors so harmony can be established.

Seeing photos where a particular color is shouting for attention is appalling. So, there is a need to balance these elements to have a nice and interesting output.

A lack of harmony between elements could confuse your audience. You don’t want them to have no lesson or message from viewing your photo gallery.

# Simplicity

When you take a look at abstract photos, you might, for the first time, not understand the photos before you. nevertheless, if you have an understanding of what abstract is all about, you might begin to see the photos in a new light.

Still, lots of confusing elements would need to be removed or subtracted to give a redefined photo which is very simple.

# Mystery

The kind of emotional response gotten from viewing abstract images are incredible. It is a mystery, how the art triggers an incredible thought process, a sense of wonder is established. abstract image speaks and encourages the viewers, it is complex but yet calling its viewers.


As a beginner, you might not be able to engage an abstract art. This is because you may not necessarily understand how it speaks. However, abstract photography is easy and inviting. With continues.

As a beginner, you might experience some hiccups here and there, this should not make you give up on the process. Give yourself time, you would soon come to terms with how it is done. I don’t expect your first trial to be perfect, so don’t stress over it.

All experts were once in that same place where you currently stand. However, you need to take note and stick to the tips mentioned above.

When abstract photography is done right, a subject can be view in different shades of wonder. Doing it well entails a nice combination of certain features such as colors, textures, and patterns.

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Creating a nice abstract photo can happen suddenly. That is why we encourage beginners to be free to do as they will. We understand that there are rules, but don’t let them hold you back from doing great things.

Begin today, create that beautiful abstract photo for the world to be entertained with. sometimes you might come to the point of questioning yourself. asking questions like, is the good? How can I know that I created something beautiful? All these questions shouldn’t stop doing good.

To every beginner out there, be brave, put in the effort, the world would see and appreciate your work. This article is meant for beginners, however, a professional abstract photographer can still refer his mentees to it or better still have a good read.

Know that no knowledge is lost and you can always refresh your memory. Keep these tips at your fingertip. If you need bulk image editing, then you can hire us to outsource photo editing. 

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